Got Renovation Admiration? Then Do This!

You know that feeling when you visit a friend house, and they have just redone their kitchen or study, and you think, “Gosh that is so lovely. I wish our (insert name of room here) looked like that!” Well, if so it's likely that such an experience has triggered you into making the decision to do up some corner of your home. However, before you get started, you will need to ensure you have a solid plan and the finances in order. Otherwise, your renovation inspiration could run into some serious complication!

List of works.  When planning a renovation, whether it’s a bathroom or a bedroom,  it can help to break down the entire project into individual parts. This is usually referred to as a list of work, as it shows each task that needs to be done.
It's even better if you can get it into chronological order with the expected times each task will take to complete as well. As then you will have a good idea of how long the entire project will be, as well as what order things need to go in. For example, it's always best to paint the walls in a renovation before you lay the new carpets. Otherwise, you risk getting them stained before they have even been properly used.


Cost of works and sourcing finance. It is also a good idea to create a list of works, something you can read more about at As this can help you to estimate how much the entire project will cost. This is because once each stage is written down, it's harder to miss out any expensive parts that might put your overall budget off.


It's also really helpful because it will show you a rough idea of how much the renovation will cost over all. Making it crystal clear as to whether you have the funds available right now, whether you need to use credit for part of the work, or whether you need to wait.

Of course, if you choose the credit option, as many people do, you need to be aware that bad credit may prevent you from being able to complete your project all in one go. To deal with this, you have two courses of action.

The first is to seek out guidance from sites like on how to improve your credit rating, thus being able to borrow the money and go ahead with the work in one go. The other is to buy items gradually and then hold them until you are ready to use them. Although this can be a little problematic if you are using credit as you will be paying for things that are just sitting there for a long time.


Visual plan of the space. Something else that is helpful to do before beginning your renovation project is to create a visual plan of the space. This is so useful because it helps you work out the measurements and proportions and is way easier to work from once things get underway.

It also always provides you with an idea of how the room will look before you start any renovation work, and this can be helpful because it allows you to make changes easily to get things just right. Something that is much better than spending hours putting up a dividing wall only to realize that you don't like it, and then have to knock it down again.

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