Summer Health Kick: The Small Things That Can Make A Huge Difference


Summer is finally here and with that comes the idea of getting a little more healthy. There is no hiding the fact that we all look like to look our best, we just all have different versions of that. But health isn’t always to do with appearance and has much more to do with how you feel. As a mom, we can often find very little time to take care of ourselves the way we use to. Gone are the days where we would soak in a hot bath for hours, relax with a face mask and take our time getting ready. These days we might be lucky to have five minutes alone time in the bathroom and get ourselves looking presentable in minutes instead of hours. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all be a little more health conscious and use the summer as the ideal time to get ourselves in better shape, both physically and mentally. Which is why I thought I would share some of the small changes that can make a huge difference.

Get rid of that bloating feeling.  Bloating can often make is look and feel far worse than we really are. It can be brought on in many different ways, but it can often leave us feeling uncomfortable. Clothing can feel tighter, and it can even cause some pain at times. Things like skinny tea can really help. Reducing any trapped wind and easing any signs of bloat around your stomach area. They can often help by being a detox as well. Other things to consider would be the food and drink you consume, especially carbonated drinks. 
You don’t need to diet.  Forget that summer means that you need to diet, it isn’t all about losing weight and more to do with fueling your body with what it needs to function. So take the time to indulge in all of the fruits and vegetables. Try and eat an array of the food groups and imagine eating a rainbow of colors when it comes to the foods you consume. All of which have different vitamins and nutrients to help your body thrive. 
Thinking positively.  Sometimes how we feel has much to do with the mind itself, and positive thinking can have a big impact on how you see yourself and how you live your life. But it is very easy to fall into the habit of negative thinking. It can feel like you are forcing yourself to be positive, but you are simply developing a new habit. One that will serve you well and change your outlook on life completely. 
Cutting out sugar from your diet. Sugar is one of those things that you think you don’t consume a lot of, but you will find that it in quite a lot of foods and drinks you have daily. Sugar increases your energy levels substantially, but it can also give you hard drawbacks. Cutting it out completely can miraculously transform your life, they way you look and even help to lose weight. 
I hope this has given you some ideas of things you can do throughout the rest of the summer. 

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