Three Easy Steps To A More Active Family

With a family, it can feel like you are constantly on the go. You are going from one thing to the next, and fitting in chores and errands along the way. But even though it can feel like you are pretty active a lot of the time, there are things that you can be doing with your family to encourage them to be active and make exercise become a regular part of their routine. They aren’t going to remember to do it or learn from us doing it if we don’t teach them how. So here are some ways and ideas to help you be more active with your children. It will make a big difference to everyone’s overall health; both mental and physical.


Plan An Active Activity.  Deciding on one time a week that you can all do something together, is a great way to get your kids being active. It will help you to do something specific too. It could be that you all go swimming or you all go for a hike or a bike ride. The key is to schedule it in and make it a regular activity. Hopefully, it will be something that comes to mind as a fun activity that you will all look forward to doing.
Enroll In Classes.  If you have a community center or a gym close to where you are, then why not check out what classes they have on offer? It might be that there are some classes for you to join in with the kids. Some tennis classes, gymnastics, and aqua classes can be for all of the family. But if there isn’t anything for all of you, how about signing your kids up to try something new? There are many youth training programs for kids, to help them excel in sport and to help them to gain confidence. So talk to them to see what they would like to try out. It benefits them in many ways, so cost aside, it is a no-brainer to get them involved.

Set Rules At Home.  What do your kids do when they get back from school? Do they sit on a games console, use their tablet or watch TV? If they do, how long are they on for? Our living rooms in our homes are set up for laziness, with just sitting and lazing around. This is obviously fine for a while. But if you want your kids to be more active, there needs to be some guidelines on it. Set a limit for how long they can be playing on a console or watching TV, for example. You can also introduce other things to help them be more active, such as setting up a TV in the garage, where they could cycle on an exercise bike or run on a treadmill at the same time. But whatever you choose, set some rules, so they know what to expect. It will teach them a lot about being active and more wary of how they spend their time.

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