Fall Driving Tips to Avoid a Michigan Car Accident

Fall is the perfect time of year for families and friends to frolic. Cooler weather, vivid nature displays, crisp leaves, tailgating parties, and pumpkin-flavored everything put a fun spin on the season that just can’t be matched during the rest of the year. After all, there are dozens of relatively short but nonetheless dazzling, mapped out, and memorable fall color drives across the state of Michigan alone. But that fun can just as easily turn frantic when you’re suddenly involved in a Michigan auto accident. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to avoid a traumatizing fall experience while fully enjoying your favorite seasonal outings.

Check the Pressure

Tires tend to lose pressure as the temperatures drop. But the worst time to discover that is when you’re already on the road. Tires lose one to two pounds of pressure for each 10-degree dip in outdoor temperatures. So plan accordingly. Prior to your trip or trek, check the air pressure and tread on all tires–and adjust or replace as necessary.

Monitor and Adjust Your Visibility

Autumn’s vivid colors are extraordinary, and those views can be absolutely breathtaking when paired with a special sunrise or sunset drive. But that can also lead to extra dangers on the road. The glares off your windshield can make you miss more than an exit or two. In fact, visual issues can lead to hitting a pedestrian, cyclist, or other drivers. Always be prepared to use sunglasses, your visor, and even your headlights if necessary to avoid a call to your car accident attorney.

Plan Around Construction

The Midwest is known for having “three seasons”: winter, almost winter, and construction. And in Michigan, autumn is specifically known as “Construction Season”. Regardless of how well you know the roads, danger can pop out around any turn. Fortunately, Mi Drive can help you avoid the construction by literally planning your trip around it. Just write out the info prior to your trip or load the app and choose a passenger to be in charge of the detours.

Take Caution Around Leaves

Leaves are known for accumulating in the worst possible areas, including over other debris, road markings, and potholes. Wet leaves are especially problematic as they retain water and frost, effectively causing unexpected skidding and reducing tire traction. And while a pile of leaves can be an inviting fall treat for kids of all ages, a similar mound of leaves near a hot exhaust is a disaster waiting to happen. So pay special attention to the leaves on the ground.  

Watch Out for Deer at All Times

In 2015, there were over 47,000 Michigan auto accidents involving deer. Over half of these occurred during the autumn months. Deer can leap out at any time of day, but 80% of deer-related accidents occur between the hours of dusk and dawn. Michigan is home to over 1.75 million deer and fall is breeding season. So expect to see plenty in wooded areas and country lanes but also along highways and residential streets. Regardless where your travels take you, slow down on curves, use your headlights, and be prepared for sudden stops. If traveling at night, watch for the glare from their eyes as seeing one usually means more are nearby. A little precaution goes a long way to help avoid an auto accident.  

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