Storage Hacks To Eliminate Clutter

If you’re lucky, the majority of your possessions will have a designated place to live, and it’s pretty easy to put it back when you’re done using it. However, there are a few odds and ends that don’t seem to live anywhere. Clutter may be small, but it takes up a lot of space in your house, especially when you have children that don’t quite know where all their things go. Whether you’re an immaculately clean person, or you keep your house tidy enough to avoid accidents, here are a few storage hacks to help you eliminate clutter once and for all.
Since your furniture takes up the most space in your house, you might as well put it to good use by making it double up as storage space; this has become a life-saving trick for people who live in tiny spaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to its full advantage. The coffee table in your living room can have hidden compartments to store remote controls, magazines, or anything else you like to have nearby. Your children can stop hiding things under the bed if it comes with large drawers underneath, or you can get creative and install some storage in the headboards.
Wall space
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When all the floor space has completely vanished, it’s time to turn to the most underused space in your house; the wall. In your kitchen, you can build wall-to-wall storage and use this to store your cookbooks, potted herbs, utensils, or anything else you might need. In your bedroom, you can start installing shelves 12 inches below your ceiling (arguably the least used space in any room) along the whole perimeter of the bedroom, and then add more going down as necessary. You can also use shelves to build a floating nightstand, or make a floating desk so you don’t lose floor space.
Closet and dressers
No matter how often you go through your closet and donate half the contents to charity, it feels like there still isn’t enough space for everything. Dressing tables are also filled to capacity with beauty products, hair accessories, and jewellery that you probably don’t wear anymore. But you don’t need to buy a bigger wardrobe or dresser to deal with the problem. A pegboard, shoe pockets, and shoe rack storage all fit nicely in your wardrobe or on the doors, and they make excellent storage space for all your odds and ends. The pegboard can function as a mini dressing station and can visibly display necklaces, scarves, belts, and more. Shoe pockets and racks just keep your footwear safely stowed away, and force you to keep your collection to a minimum.
Nothing contains more clutter than your desk. Chance are, if you work from home, it’s full of paperwork that needs to be signed, or has been completed but lost in the endless shuffle. There are some organization tips for cleaning out paper clutter, but you do also need an excellent filing cabinet.

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