Dog-Eared Mistakes Made By New Dog Owners

Dogs make a wonderful addition to our homes, but there are common mistakes made by many people when getting a dog for the first time. To help you avoid making a dog’s dinner of things, here are the some of the clangers you need to be mindful of.

Buying with the heartPerhaps you’ve seen an advert on the television asking for somebody to adopt a neglected animal. Or maybe you’ve paid a visit to the local animal shelter and fallen in love with a furry bundle of joy, looking up at you with puppy dog ears. You part with your cash and buy with your heart, but you neglect to use your head.

Tip: Don’t buy a dog without doing a little bit of research first. Each dog has it’s own
specific needs according to the breed. There may also be health issues you aren’t aware of, so asking for a professional opinion before you buy is also a good idea. At the very least, make sure the seller has documented the health care and vaccination records for the animal. Be sure you have the right lifestyle to accommodate a dog too. If you don’t have the time to care for your pooch properly, you may want to return it, despite your sorrowful heart.

Not pet-proofing the house.  You have stocked up your home with all the doggy essentials, from bedding to toys, and are ready to welcome your adorable little buddy into your home. But wait! How safe is your home? Will your dog survive the night in your care?

Tip: Okay, so we are being a little alarmist here, but there are many dangers in the home that could affect your dog’s welfare. You need to do a complete check of your house and use your common sense when troubleshooting each area. For your convenience, here is a room-by-room guide, that should prove invaluable when caring for your pet’s welfare.

Forgetting your dog’s tiny friends.  By tiny friends, we don’t mean your dog’s blossoming relationship with the Jack Russel next door. Rather, we are referring to those pesky little ticks and fleas that can create huge problems in your home, as well as to the health of your pet. Have you gotten the itch? Then your home may already be infected.

Tip: Before you have a flea or tick problem in your home, speak to your vet about preventative measures. You can also learn more here. Spot-on treatments and specific collars will kill the pesky invaders before they have a chance to lay eggs and cause havoc in your home. Should your home already be invaded by fleas, you may need to hire a pest control service to get the problems under control. Alternatively, there are powders and flea bomb treatments available at many local stores, but you should do your research first. Be sure to keep your home well ventilated, and get yourselves and your pets out of the way, while these remedies go to work.

Despite the woof edges...

We have barely scratched the service, but there are many other mistakes new dog-owners can make. As with most things in life, trial and error will often lead to success. However, do your research online, speak to the professionals, and educate yourself in how to better care for your furry friend. We all have a wonderful time together, despite the occasional mistake.

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