Travel the Great Outdoors

So many people when looking for a holiday instantly go for the flashy hotels, with the big pools and the all inclusive buffet. That’s fair enough, being weighted hand and foot on can be pretty nice. But you’re never really experiencing the country properly. All you’ll have is guided tours, water parks, or secluded spots you wish you could stay in, but your hotel room is calling. So why not consider pitching up in the great outdoors. You’ll have so many more options of where to stay, what to do, and the freedom of just being out in the open.

So many countries have camping sites, you could literally stop anywhere. The UK has one of the biggest camping scenes. You’d be surrounded by amazing countryside, incredible views, and some lovely fresh air. The UK has so much to offer as well, the weather might not be the best, but the tourism sure is. There’s everything from history, outstanding natural beauty areas, and there’s so much for the kids to do. France and Italy are exactly the same. Head to the south of France during the summer, and you’ll find yourself is scorching temperatures, whilst being surrounded by all the things the UK had to offer. If you choose Italy, you’ll have all this along with some incredible food, and even better history. If we’ve already started to convince you, look for a tent on sites such as Exploring the world from a tent is pure freedom.

Family bonding is such a great part of camping. Putting the tent up, living in such close quarters, just generally experience nature as a family. Having camp fires and doing cute cliche things like roasting some marshmallows are the memories your children with remember for life. Most of the time you’ll be in an area with a few other tents, probably an activity area and a club that’ll serve drinks and food. Utilise all of the facilities, and see what family events are taking place.


Making friends is so so easy when camping. As mentioned above, you’ll be in an area with a few other tents that’ll most likely have families in them. Get your kids to interact and play, they’re most likely going to make some good friends for the time you’re away. You probably will too!

The health benefits of camping are so much better than a hotel. You don’t have to deal with the stress of preparing for a flight, the stress of the airport and the actual flights etc. You’ll most likely be having a nice road trip through the countryside that everyone will enjoy. The fresh air is so much better for you than the humid, built up smog filled air of that of a highly populated tourist area. There will be less temptation to spend all night on the inclusive food and drinks, which is so much better for you and the kids. Learning to love nature, and be comfortable with all it’s surrounding will be so beneficial for everyone in the future.

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