10 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day--and, what better way to celebrate this day than with some displays of random acts of kindness?   We live in a pretty isolated world some days with the increasing attachment to electronics and away from human interaction.  Today--or tomorrow--or really ANY day--I challenge you to interact with and enjoy your fellow humans.  Need some random acts of kindness ideas (aside from paying the order of the guy behind you in the drive through at lunch) today?  I am sharing 10 random acts of kindness ideas for World Kindness Day that you may consider. 


Smile and Speak to EVERYONE you pass.  Sometimes, there is nothing more uplifting to a day than a smile and a friendly greeting.  Try it.  Smile at everyone you meet--and say hello.  Watch their smile lift and their day begin to brighten.

Talk to your mail carrier or postal delivery driver. Yes--they are on a schedule and can't talk long--but, take a few minutes to greet him or her and smile.  Brighten their day, break up the monotony of the day--engage for a minute. 

Send a gift to an after-school teacher or coach.  Those extracurricular teachers and coaches are making some sacrifices to spend every evening with the kids.  Every night.  (Yeah--most get paid a bit of a salary--but, they commit so much more to your children in so many ways!)  So--send them an impromptu-just-because-gift.  Random flowers or a small gift card for a movie are fun ways to surprise those special people in your child's life.

Write a letter of thanks to an old friend or mentor.  I once worked with a wonderful man who had a profound influence on my life.  I never told him so.  I am writing that letter tonight.  Writing a heartfelt letter is a wonderful random act of kindness to surprise a recipient--and let them know what they meant to you.. 

Adopt an animal from the shelter--or sign up to foster a homeless pet...or set up a shelter for neighborhood strays.  If you have room and the means to adopt a homeless animal--this is a perfect random act of kindness.  If you have room in your home and heart--but, not necessarily the means to commit to a lifelong pet--consider fostering an animal.  You could foster dogs, cats, rabbits, and more through local rescue organizations!  If you cannot take an animal into your home--consider taking the time to create a warm spot for neighborhood strays by creating a box or crate out of the wind with straw bedding.

Donate to a local food bank.While many businesses, school and community organizations donate to area food banks during November and December--there is always a need for donations.  Do some research and choose a smaller charity or one working with a local group that you support. 

Pay for (or toward) a prescription at the pharmacy.  Skip paying for that Bigmac or Starbucks order--and pay toward something someone really needs.  Even if you are only spending $10 or $20--someone on a self pay or high deductible insurance plan will appreciate it.  A lot.  Talk to the pharmacist and let him or her know what you would like to do--and specify that your "donation" go to the next self-pay, uninsured, or high deductible plan client.

Shout out well wishes on social media.  Personal thank-you's are great--but tagging your best helpers on social media lets EVERYONE know that they are rock stars. 

Bake and share some cookies.  Cookies take about 15 minutes to throw together as ingredients--and about 15 minutes to bake.    Bake and share some cookies to bring some smiles to coworkers or to a child's classroom or to the orthodontist's office if you are in neighborhood!

Rake some fallen leaves for a neighbor.  My front yard went from grassy green to maple leaf yellow in about a day.  Most of my neighbors' lawns look the same.  Take a bit and rake up those leaves for those neighbors who are getting on in years--or maybe just had a new baby or an injury that makes leaf raking a challenge!

What are your favorite random acts of kindness ideas this fall?

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