Stay at Home Mom? Ways to Earn Extra Cash by Using your Laptop

In this day and age, it’s important to have multiple streams of income. As a busy mom, you probably find it difficult to find the time out of the house to earn money, with kids to look after and a house to take care of. However, working from home couldn’t have gotten easier. Yes, you can literally stay where you are, sip on a cup of coffee and use the following legitimate tips to pocket some cash.

Get involved with paid online surveys.   For the moms who don’t have many hours in the day to spare, this one is ideal for you. There’s no special skill needed and doing these is fast and easy (as long as they’re legit). By dedicating a few hours a week to filling in online surveys, you can earn some extra cash per week and have a bit of fun too. Surveys which ask for an upfront fee or other charges are likely to be scams so avoid these like the plague! By visiting legit websites like MySurvey and ePoll, you can fill out surveys and save up some cash for a family vacation or next Christmas.

Discover the Forex market.  This way of earning cash is particularly good if you’re a number-crunching type of mom. The special thing about the Forex market is that it doesn’t require a large amount of money to start you off, unlike the stock market. You can start from as little as $25. If you understand how investing works and learn how to trade Forex, this acts as a great source of income. Before you get down to brass tactics, it’s important to learn about the best Forex brokers. By doing your research right, you can understand the top brokers around and the most suitable ones for you.

Sell all your unwanted stuff.  Take a look around. Are your shelves cluttered with unwatched DVDs, unread books and games which are decades old? It’s time to de-clutter and get your money back! Turn your trash into someone else’s treasure by using websites like Decluttr and SellCell. These online platforms are excellent for selling all your unused items. While your kids are at home, you could make this into a little game and involve them! Tell them to find all their old, unused toys and have your own online car boot sale. You’ll be earning some money and teaching your kids about financial responsibility all at the same time.

Become a blogger, writer, editor or proofreader.  It’s time to turn your talent for writing into something in which you get paid for! There’s always popular demand for online writing, especially content writing. If you fancy writing guides or articles, websites like About seek people who have expertise in a particular subject. As long as you have good grammar, spelling skills and the ability to communicate effectively, this should be the ideal match for you. Check their website regularly to find job vacancies which are currently going. You never know, you might be earning big bucks soon.

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