Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Snow Day Relief Remedy 1.0

I hate winter weather.  I am not one of those people who get excited about snow.  I am the person who hates being cold, I prefer green grass and green leafy trees to grey, white, icy blahs.  But, I live in Ohio and we have winter weather.  For months.  We started this winter off with a white Christmas (which isn't always the case) and then followed it up with extra snow and a lot of cold.  The girls have already had a couple of snow days.  As this week's Wordless Wednesday Link Up, I thought I would share our tried and true Snow Day Relief fix....after an unplanned four day weekend!

Hot Chocolate Fixes Everything, Right?  

Hot Cocoa with a lot of Marshmallows

Especially with lots of marshmallows!

....and my girls make hot cocoa with LOTS of marshmallows!

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  1. I so should have stocked up on this. We're supposed to have a big snow storm on Thursday. I do have a little at the house. You're so right it's the remedy for a snow day.

  2. Angela,

    I don't winter, either. I'm happy to live in East Tennessee over Ohio anyday. lol I know y'all get it thousand times worse than we do, so I feel for you, my friend. We grew up in southern WV, so we know all about long winters. I am trying to not wish my days away no matter what the conditions bring, though. Time really zips by like a snap. I like your idea for cold winter days - hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. That'll fix ya right up! We drink a lot of hot tea during the cold months and occasionally will have hot cocoa. It's a nice treat. Keep warm. I know Old Man Winter isn't done just yet. Thanks for visiting & linking up! ;)

  3. We had the same weather. White Christmas and then it dipped into the single digits and bit below. Today was in the 50's. Hubby said January thaw, but I'm hoping and praying it's just plain thaw period until Spring. haha Thanks for visiting and linking so I could come visit and link up. I added you to my list on Pictorial Tuesday post.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

  4. We don't get snow but rain and yes it does.

  5. I was raised in Chicago, and the furthest I got away is just a suburb about 45 minutes from Chicago. I've been around snow all my life, but last week when we had that 30 below windchill factor... okay that's not my style!!! brrrrrrrrrrrrr



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