How to Keep Your Kids Safe On Winter Road Trips

Hitting the roads in the winter with the kids is a great idea to get some fresh air and spend some quality time together. With the days shorter and the nights darker, however, you will need to be prepared for emergencies, to make sure that your excursion will not turn into a disaster. Below you will find a few tips on preparing for a day trip or a camping and skiing vacation in the mountains.

Plan Your Route and Take Loads Of Breaks
Driving in the winter is more challenging for most of us. We need to deal with potential black ice, low visibility, and sun glare. If you want to stay safe, allow extra time for the journey, and make sure you have enough rest during the day. Give the kids something to look forward to, such as a hot chocolate or pancakes every few hours.

Get Your Tires Checked

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One of the most common causes of winter accidents is tires that make braking slower and harder. You will need to get the tires checked out, and switch for winter ones if necessary. Always consult with your mechanic before going on a winter road trip, to make sure you will not face delays or have to deal with the consequences of accidents.

Prevent Low Batteries
We all tend to use our car battery more in the winter. You will need to have your heating on for the kids, as well as the radio or DVD player, not to mention keeping the low beam on when hitting snowy country road to be more visible. It can get dark early, so you will need your lights for a few hours before you arrive at your hotel. You can get your car battery tested and get a portable jump starter kit just in case.

Get Adequate Insurance
While you might do everything to keep your kids safe on the road, other drivers might not be that considerate. Get a breakdown cover and car insurance that covers you for the entire journey. In case you are involved in a road traffic accident, you will need to have the number of a personal injury lawyer handy. Check out to find out what is covered by law, and how you can get a compensation.

Pack an Emergency Kit

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To keep the kids safe on the road, in case your car breaks down in the middle of the countryside, or if you suffer from an accident, you might want to get some snacks, non-perishable food, and loads of water. Get some blankets or sleeping bags packed in the trunk, and make sure you have basic medical supplies. Keep your mobile phone charged up, so you can contact emergency and roadside recovery services.

Going on a winter vacation can be exciting for your family. Check out the weather forecasts, road conditions, and accident reports, and drive down to your local mechanic for a full check-up, so you can make the most out of your winter road trip.

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