Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Busy Girls

We had another busy weekend with the girls going different directions (and to different cities) every day of the weekend!  We wanted to share of few shots of our busy girls in action as this week's Wordless Wednesday link up!  Don't forget to share a link to your latest Wordless Wednesday or not-so-wordless Wednesday posts in the blog hop at the end of this post!

Friday Fun
After one daughter finished soccer practice and another daughter finished her high school day coaching younger students for an upcoming junior high solo and ensemble contest--we picked up her registration packet for Sunday's 5K at a sporting goods store on the opposite corner of Columbus and packed up the younger daughter for Saturday's Irish Dance competition.  
By the time we blinked twice--it was dinner time.

Dinner at Poblanos

Busy Saturday

The youngest daughter competed in the North Coast Feis, an Irish Dance competition in Cleveland.

 Stretching after the drive from Columbus to Cleveland!

 Posing for our annual North Coast Feis photo with the I-X Center lobby horse.

 Waiting patiently for the first dance of the day.

 Getting a little tired of Mom taking dance pictures....

While she was dancing, her sister was home getting ready to head to an Impractical Jokers live comedy show with a friend.

The Sunday Race
After a late night Saturday--we were up (and back in Columbus) bright and early Sunday morning to head downtown for the 5th Line 5K at Nationwide Arena.  The middle daughter layered on clothes since it was cold and snowy and she was planning to run 3.1 miles in the yucky weather.   

 Posing before the race inside Nationwide Arena with the Columbus Blue Jackets' cannon.

 Smiling after her 5th Line 5K finish!  
She slipped on a bridge and is still feeling that tumble a bit this morning--but, she had fun and will likely run again next year!

Lunch Time
 The middle one had won a pizza prize pack from Papa Johns in a Columbus Blue Jackets contest earlier in the week--so we picked up pizzas, soda and a double chocolate brownie dessert after the race!

Then--it was Time for the Super Bowl 
Middle daughter went to a church youth super bowl party.  We skipped the parties this year in favor of some chicken wings, guacamole and chili cheese fries at home.  (In reality--we skipped most of the Super Bowl too!)  

It was a nice, busy weekend!  

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  1. Your girls are beautiful! Love the photos

  2. You are one busy mom! My husband and I had 4 boys and one girl so I understand! Now I have six grandkids and they keep me busy too. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by

  3. What a proud mom, your girls are so pretty!!!
    And congratulations!!

  4. Congrats and I hope this weekend is a little less busy for you. Thanks for hosting.

  5. That's a very full on dance outfit! I thought it was ice skating at a glance. Congrats! And I bet they enjoyed the pizza!



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