An Easy Guide to Throwing the Best Baby Shower

Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of the biggest events in our lives, and so it’s no wonder that mothers-to-be (and their friends) would want to throw a baby shower! You have to celebrate the greatest parts of life and having a baby is one of the best. Baby showers are best held a month to two months before your due date unless you want to hold off until after the baby is born. Waiting is good for parents who want the gender of their baby to be a surprise, but also don’t want gender-neutral gifts.

The best way to honor any mother-to-be, of course, is to host a baby shower for her. Following this guide, you can be sure to please the guest of honor and stay within your budget.

The Venue
For most, the venue will be an obvious choice – your living room! Baby showers are very intimate affairs and where better to host a gathering of close friends and family than in a home. You can coordinate with the guest of honor, or keep it a surprise and coordinate with her partner or family and host the event at hers. Other options include renting out a private section of a restaurant, like a back room, so that you can have delicious food and a nice venue.

The Invite
Choosing the date for the baby shower will be a mixture of when the guest of honor is free (as in, does not have any extra checkups or premade plans) and when most of her guests would be free. Typically, weekends are the best chance you will have, and the earlier you send out the invite, the more likely everyone can RSVP. You can download free printable baby shower invitations from Pampers and also get other free goodies as a thank-you note included.

The Registry
Giving gifts at a baby shower is a no-brainer, but if you and your friends want to ensure the guest of honor has everything that she needs (and no duplicates), it’s always best to use a registry. This can be done with a checklist or just in a group chat, but essentially it’s just to make sure that only one person was to say, get a diaper bag and not two.

The Party
Decorations and food will always be key to a successful party. The only difference here than, for example, her bridal shower, is that alcohol should be left off the table. Your guest of honor wouldn’t be drinking, and there are many taste virgin drink options that you can all enjoy. Getting delicious food is also easier than ever – you can even order from her favorite restaurant and have it delivered. Get a cake, balloons, and cater it to her. She’s the guest of honor, after all, and it’s one of the last times she will get pampered before she has her baby.

Baby showers are the best way to celebrate a new mother. Throw her a surprise shower or handle all the planning while keeping her in the loop. What matters is that she and all her closest friends have a great time on the day. 

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