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This morning, we are announcing an opportunity for readers to receive a free ebook from author, Ginger Talbot--simply by signing up to receive her newsletters!  Check out Scarred Hearts, learn about the author & subscribe to her newsletter and even join her Facebook group below!

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Her heroes are Alpha-holes. Her heroines can stare into the heart of darkness and emerge...not unscathed, but stronger in the broken places. Her writing can be intense in places, with scenes which might be triggering for some people. But I can promise a unique journey of equal parts pain and passion, no infidelity, and always a happy ending! 

Ginger Talbot is a fan of dark chocolate, dark romance, and talking about herself in the third person. She's a restless soul who's wandered from coast to coast, and can generally be found in the local bookstore coffeeshop, flipping through the pages of a romance or thriller, and overindulging in lattes. She majored in journalism and, in days of yore, worked as a newspaper reporter covering cops and courts, and then went on to work as a patient care tech in an emergency room. She's also done stints as the world's worst secretary and a mediocre cocktail waitress. Now she sits around all day making up stories about sexy, dominant Alpha-holes and the smart-mouthed, sassy women who love to hate to love them.

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