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When you are looking for a unique and affordable choice from the restaurants in Countryside, Illinois, you will discover all those elements and more at Kenny's Irish Pub. The casual eatery opens in the morning and closes late so that, in any part of the day, you can enjoy a delightful meal or drink from a full bar menu and perhaps watch sports as you boisterously discuss the happenings with the other patrons. 

Daily Food and Drink Specials

In addition to a large variety of bar drinks, domestic and imported beers, and pitchers served for a daily good price when they are the special like $5.00 bombs on Saturdays. the daily food specials, for dine-in only, include these:

Sundays -       $1.00 Beef or Chicken Tacos, $2.00 Chorizo Tacos, or $2.50 Steak Tacos.
Mondays-       .65 cent Wings, $5.95 1/4 Burger w/fries or chips, or $6.95 1/2 Burger w/fries or chips
Tuesdays -      $5.95 Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/fries or chips or  $2 Beef or Chicken Tacos (3 for $5)
Wednesdays - $4.95 2-Piece Broasted Chicken dinner or $6.95 4-piece Broasted Chicken dinner
Thursdays -    $5.95 Buffalo Chicken or Chicken Caesar Wraps w/fries or chips
Fridays -         $9.95 All U Can Eat Fish Fry or $5.95 for 3 Mini Burgers w/fries or chips
Saturdays -     $5.95 Pulled Pork Sandwich w/fries or chips

Homemade Food

You can see that there is no microwaved or prepackaged food here. Instead there are hot and tasty personally-made  pizzas, appetizers, starters, fresh salads, sandwiches, soups, and more.


When you host a party, you can depend on  Kenny's Irish Pub to provide a menu that all the guests will love as they enjoy chicken, pasta dishes, pizzas, salads, and other delectable delights. The Pub will be happy to work with you to devise a pleasing menu that will save you from the hassle of cooking for a crowd.  

Drop By

See what drinks and entrees are being featured that very day. Their calendar is also always full of fun events, which is another reason why so many people prefer Kenny's Irish Pub to other bars in the area.

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