The Father's Day Gift Guide for Dads

We’re all guilty of letting Dad’s birthday or Father’s Day (which is June 16th this year for most of the world, FYI) creep up on us and being totally unprepared…right? It’s a regular occurrence, and one that can be quite stressful – we want to give Dad (or Grandpa) the brilliant gift he deserves but have just left it too late to order something thoughtful that he’ll love.

Luckily, help is at hand – your last-minute shopping doesn’t have to mean buying the most important man in your life a pair of socks or a comedy tie, like last year. Maybe this year, you want to be fully prepared and have presents wrapped up in advance. If so, you’ve come to the right place. 
Here’s our list of the top gifts for Dads available in 2019, for men with any interest. Have a browse, and we hope you find something perfect for your Dad!

Birchbox Subscription
If you’re in the US, you can subscribe to send your Dad a personalized Birchbox each month for just $13. Simply fill in a profile of his grooming habits, skin and hair types and they will send him a box of treats selected especially for him every month! Be the favorite child and sign up for one to be delivered to your Dad now.

Fish Finder
For the Dad who loves fishing (because they all just seem to): rather than getting him a new rod or box of live bait this year, gift him a nifty device that will mean he never misses a catch again. ‘Fish finders’ are clever gadgets that use sonar and GPS to tell you if there are fish in your proximity – never spend a fruitless, fish-less day at the lake again. VFM has a great comparison on the best fish finders – click the link to find out more.

Golf Organizer
Possibly the second most popular sport among Dads besides fishing is golf. Make your Dad the most stylish man on the green with a cool golf bag that carries all his kit in a neat organizer, available from TaylorMade.

Hot Sauce Keychain
What is it about Dads and condiments? It’s like a Dad rule that they can’t eat a meal without drowning it in a weird sauce. If this rings true for your father, get him a Sriracha keychain gift set, containing a full-size bottle of the hot sauce and two mini keychain decanters, so he’ll never be without his favorite dip!

Fancy Chocolate
If you’re truly lost for ideas, chocolate is always a winner. Make it special by going a bit artisan – HotelChocolat, Jeff de Bruges, Chococo – something that you can’t get at the nearest supermarket. And generally, the stranger the flavor the better.

Poker Set
Challenge your old man to a game of poker (and hopefully win)! Choose a full-size poker set or a fun travel set so he can take it along with him to play with his pals at the weekend. If your Dad is as competitive as ours, we’re sure he’ll love this gift where he can show off his gambling prowess.

Leather Wallet/Phone Case
Everyone loves a multi-purpose gift; and your Dad will love a classy leather wallet-turned-phone case. Ensure your Dad never forgets his bank cards again by keeping them in the same leather case as his phone. It also doubles as a heavy-duty phone protector, which means no more smashed phone screens. You can find these on Amazon or from any specialized leather retailers.

Bluetooth Headphones
If you’ve got a cool Dad who has a smartphone, he’ll love some new headphones, with the added novelty value of being wireless (the older generation just loves new tech, huh?). Gift your Dad a pair from Urbanears, available in a variety of colors.

Whiskey Glass Set
Present your Pap with a glass decanter, drinks tray and set of tumblers for his evening whiskey. This is sure to make him feel like a gentleman of leisure and will have it displayed on his armchair side-table forever more. A quick Google search will reveal many retailers and styles – pick a whiskey glass set that suits your Dad best.

A Sentimental Gift for Dad
If you want something a little more personal for Dad--and none of the options above fit the bill--it may be time to create a personalized gift instead.  Whether you opt for a custom photo frame for Dad  or a Swiss Army knife, there are so many ways to give Dad a special, personalized gift.

You know Dad best--so take some time to choose a fun gift that Dad will love!

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