Being A Good Man, And Being A Best Man: Balance

As the Best Man, you’ve got some responsibilities. The groom may or may not realize how far this goes. The other groomsmen may also not see your role. But you’ve got to get things done. You’re basically the co-pilot of the marriage ceremony, and your best buddy’s mother-in-law is probably the pilot---so don’t forget that either!


Fun and Responsibility 

Things are changing! But what hasn’t changed is your need to help your pal have the best possible wedding he can. Part of making that happen involves helping him to remember what he’s leaving. But there’s more to it than just that. In fact, the Best Man has quite a few responsibilities.

If you want to be the best “Best Man” you can, check out this guide, which points out: “…helping the groom pick out his threads…keeping the rings safe until the wedding…rounding up the other groomsmen and whipping them into tip-top shape…making sure the groom-to-be has a killer bachelor party…being the limo find expert...the Best Man should be on top of all of those things, and more.”

Basically, you are emotional support for your best friend, and that role is more important than you may realize. Today’s marriages seem to have trouble remaining strong. They’re easily broken up, and the fallout is terrible. But those marriages that last end up making the participants bastions of a local community.

Community Bastions

An older married couple who has seen the ups and downs for decades is going to catch trends that are negative before they can affect the community they inhabit. But older single people who have failed at life and crawled into a bottle at the end of things often don’t have the same kind of security in a social sense. They’re not so self-assured as a married couple is. Also, they don’t have the additional familial support which matrimony provides.

This is the truth about marriage: it doesn’t just represent more security and happiness for two individuals. It’s not just the perfect way to bring children into the world and help them grow up both strong and independently. It’s also a great way to expand resources through the coming together of otherwise disparate families into a single cohesive unit.

There’s a reason people spend upwards of $20k on weddings per average ceremony. These things are life-changing events that can have upward-spiral positive results for generations to come. So as a Best Man, you want to do everything you possibly can to ensure you get the groom in the right head-space.

Show Him What He’s Transcending

Show him the kind of underhanded female attention he’s now avoiding, as contrasted against the fine marital prospect of his betrothed. Show him the banality of singleness, and its silhouetted sadness---this can best be done by helping bring in groomsmen who aren’t just single, but exceptionally single.

Every married man was there once! If you’re a Best Man who is married, you can really help your friend see where things are going, and ensure he never wants to go back to the single battlefield of existence again! And additionally, make sure to have fun. You want to have fun above all else---just so long as that doesn’t compromise the wedding!

Also, help your friend find ways of offsetting the cost of the wedding. As a Best Man, you can be instrumental in helping them attain financing through a solution like Plumfund, or the honeymoon-centric “Honeyfund”.

Matrimony comes at a cost, though it can come at a profit if it’s strategically pursued---dowries and the like! To be the Best Man, you’ve got to be more than just a good man. And you can be. Plan in advance, and treat your friend how you would be treated.

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