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Earlier this week, we joined the book blast for Edger, a new book from author David Beem.  Today, I am excited to share my review of this novel with you.  Take a few minutes to learn about the book, read my review, and enter the book tour giveaway at the end of this post!

by David Beem 

About the Book
Meet Edger (Ed-jer), a twenty-six-year-old gadget retail dork destined to become the world’s first superhero! His superpower: the ability to channel the Collective Unconscious, a psychic network connecting the living and the dead. In his arsenal are the skills of Bruce Lee, the strength of Samson, the wisdom of the ages...and the dancing chops of Michael Jackson—including that one twisty foot move, crotch grab, and fedora tilt. But there's a catch... Like every psychic superpower to get administered through a hypodermic needle, this one comes with a prick. Someone seems to have misplaced the booster necessary for stabilizing his superpower. Without it, Edger has three days before his brain turns to pudding. Join our Dork of Destiny as he overcomes the world’s greatest butt, two rival Cluck-n-Pray gangs, an evil cow, a Green Bay Defensive Tackle, rifle-toting assassins—and a pair of stoners who inadvertently create the world’s first supervillain after a wild night on Twitter!  

My Review
Beem offers a somewhat unique blend of science fiction and humor.  If you are looking for a deep, complicated, save-the-world-from-artificial-intelligence-gone-bad; this is probably not your book.  However; if you enjoy reading those save-the-world-from-artificial-intelligence-gone-bad--and enjoy a slightly cynical, nerdy-yet-humorous view of the world--this book is a fun blend of science fiction and humor. As a recovering engineer--I am certainly a bit of a science geek and the author appeals to that geek in readers with his humor and writing style. 

Readers will not want to put the book down.   While the book isn't a page turner in terms of dramatic plot twists or heavy sci fi action and adventures--readers won't want to put the book down.  The character interactions, the dialogue, and the situations encountered are simply so entertaining that I had to see just what happened next.  If you are "skimmer"--you may find yourself wanting to read every word because the author drops little bits of humor throughout almost every page.

Would I recommend Edger by David Beem?  If you enjoy science fiction themes, unexpected superheroes and have, what my husband calls, a "nerdy sense of humor"--this book will have you hooked from the first few pages.  I loved the author's writing style, I loved his ability to toss in random humor that caught me by surprise at times and made me smile and even laugh out loud.  I am not always a huge superhero/ super-villain fan--but, this book was one of my favorites so far this year.  Sometimes you just need a laugh--and this book is certainly good for that.  I would love to see Edger become a series--or at least read more books of this style from the author.

About the Author

David Beem enjoys superhero movies, taekwondo, and flossing. He lives in Djibouti with his family and crippling self-doubt. Help actualize David’s inner confidence. 

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