Four Simple Ways to Change the Look of Your Living Room

Do you want to give your living room a fresh, new look? Fortunately, you don’t have to remodel the room to improve its look. Making a few simple adjustments to the decor can change the appearance of your living room. Look at four examples.
Add a Few Accessories to the Room

The addition of a few stylish accessories can give new life to the décor of your living room. For example, get some scented candles in decorative jars and place them on tables throughout the room. Or, find some colorful throw pillows to put on the sofa. Select a furniture cover for one of your chairs to change its look. These are easy things to do but can earn your living room a second look from visitors.

Change the Artwork on the Walls

Have you had the same pictures on the walls for years? If so, it’s time for a change! Take down the photos you have on the wall now and hang up some artwork. Find some prints done by a favorite artist and put them in unique frames. Or, get some unusual drawings, watercolors or sketches to put up. Use color, texture and a variety of picture frames to spice up the look of the walls in your living room.

Add a Rug to the Room

Adding an area rug to your living room can really go a long way to revitalizing the look of the décor. Checkout a selection of traditional rugs for sale to find one with an interesting pattern or a bright shade of color that would energize the space. You could browse the selection at a place like Roth Rugs to find an area rug in a color that matches your creative vision.

Repaint the Walls

Changing the wall color is an effective way to refresh the décor of your living room. If your current wall color is white, beige or another neutral color, go with a pastel green, blue or purple. This will be a dramatic change. Or, if you have dark walls in your living room right now, go with a light color for a big change. Go with a color you wouldn’t normally choose.

Lastly, these easy changes can be made over time, so you can enjoy the redecorating process.

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