Stryder: The Billionaire Cowboys of Clearwater County Book Spotlight

This morning, I have a romance novel from Bonnie R. Paulson in our book spotlight.  I love Paulson's apocalyptic thrillers, like Into the End and have featured a few of her romance novels (like her Redemption series) as well.  Today's feature is Stryder, from The Billionaire Cowboys of Clearwater County romance series.  Check out the book and learn more about this author!

Stryder (The Billionaire Cowboys of Clearwater County)
Bonnie R. Paulson

About the Book
Money can solve all her problems, but it can't mend a broken heart.
Stryder Flint returns to Two Rides, Montana and he's out to win back more than his reputation. He wants Melody Steel.
Growing up, they'd been inseparable but a last minute choice had stolen his heart and made him rich beyond measure. Too bad he could never buy what he truly wanted...
Flint and Steel made fire and she was done getting burned.
With more debt that she can comprehend after her dad died, Melody doesn't need her poverty rubbed in her face or that Stryder found happiness and money without her. All she'd ever done was make her loved ones miserable.
Well, no more. Stryder was free and Melody was going to keep it that way - no matter how much it tore her apart.


About the Author 

Real people, real loss, real love. USA Today Bestselling author, Bonnie focuses on the emotional thrill of the romance, the discovery of self and the dynamic forces at play to both pull and push love growth. With 6 children and her own eternal romance at home, Bonnie lives her own dream every day. She's spoiled with blessings and wants to share the joy of ever-after possibilities with others. Whether it's a happy-ever-after or a happy-for-now, the emotions will leave you story drunk for days, if not years. Feel good romances with sweet twists. Or is it Sweet romances with bold twists? You decide. You'll be able to say where you were when you closed the book. Surviving all things real and coming out better on the other side. Some of her favorite authors are Robyn Carr, Pamela Kelley, and Christine Kingsley!

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