Eyes Don't Lie Book Spotlight, Author Guest Post and Giveaway

This morning we are featuring a mystery / suspense novel in our book spotlight and hosting a guest post from the author as she shares a little about her novel and the inspiration behind it.  Check out Eyes Don't Lie, learn about the author and enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title: Eyes Don't Lie: You Can't Hide by Crystal Dawn Mason
Category: Adult Fiction, 142 pages
Genre: Suspense / Thriller

About the Book

Curly-haired brunettes with blue eyes are the only women that seem to capture Keith’s attention. But is it really their appearance that attracts him or something sinister? Keith, a broken soul, who’s battling between good and evil, goes about his days trying to fight his evil urges. But because of a demonic stronghold, in most instances good loses the battle to evil.

Affected by the pain and hurt of his childhood, he now seeks out the love he didn’t receive as a child. But when he doesn’t get it, there’s retribution to pay…and what a sad day it is for those curly-haired brunettes with blue eyes who fail to make the mark. But things take a turn when he meets a grocery store cashier who has the ability to see evil through his eyes. McKenzie is able to connect dots, interfering with Keith’s destructive path – a path that could lead him to prison or even the grave.

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Guest Post from Crystal Dawn Mason

About Eyes Don’t Lie/Inspiration for writing novel
In Eyes Don’t Lie, Keith is a murderer and a rapist, but he has a backstory that explains why he is the way he is. He was abused as a child, and he harbors a lot of resentment inside. He has a negative concept of himself because of the abuse, and he is being oppressed by a demon who constantly reminds him of the past so he’ll remain bitter and unforgiving toward his mom. And it’s the Evil One’s way of manipulating him in to believing his sinful actions are justified. As Keith encounters different women, he stumbles upon McKenzie, who is different from the rest. She’s not his type, but because of her gift and her connection to him, she gets the wheel turning in another direction.

Eyes Don’t Lie is a story that I believe is very much needed today because we live in a society where the majority focuses on the what instead of the why, which often times leads us to be judgmental and unforgiving of others. I thought it would be good to write a story where the reader feels compassion for the character instead of mere hatred, disgust, etc. And it’s not to justify his behavior because what he does is wrong. However, we all have struggles and/or weaknesses that we have yet to overcome. And we want others to allow grace for us, but we often fall short of allowing grace for the sin and mistakes of others. And I believe it’s important to take this in to account to keep from being hypocritical and self-righteous.

About the Author

Crystal Dawn Mason started writing books of poetry, then transitioned into narrative writing. Becoming a writer was not a goal as she began her studies as a psychology major at Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis. It wasn't until she had a bad experience that she stumbled upon her natural ability to create stories. And this discovery started her down a newfound path of purpose. While working, she found another niche in the education field, which led her to pursue a teaching degree. Thus, she is now pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies to become an elementary teacher. She enjoys working with children, and her goal, outside of teaching, is to continue writing stories that are inspiring and entertaining for her readers.

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