Tips for Creating a She Shed Space in your Home

Just like men have their man caves, a woman can have a similar room for herself. It's a sacred space for her to unwind, relax and be creative. This is the room where no spouses or children are allowed. It's your private space to recharge. In order to make sure it feels like a safe space, it's a good idea to decorate it in a way that reflects your personality. Consider these steps to get started.

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There are so many options to consider when it comes to the walls. Decide what the theme of the room is. If you'd like it to be an inspiring space that motivates you, consider purchasing motivational quote decals. Stick the decals to the walls of the room and they'll motivate you when you look at them. If you'd like to find an easy way to make a large impact, choose the largest wall in the room and make it a statement wall. Paint it in a bold color that stands out. Another fun way to decorate the walls is through the use of wallpaper. Tons of online retailers sell stunning wallpaper prints in a variety of designs.

Your furniture should communicate your style in a very tangible way. If you're in love with a modern aesthetic, consider purchasing coffee tables, desks and chairs with clean, sleek lines. If you want a plush and posh room that looks like a palace, consider purchasing tufted chairs, headboards and footstools that come in fabrics like velvet. An area rug is perfect to place on the floor because it adds a significant amount of depth and texture to a room. Vintage area rugs are always in style and tend to pull a room together well.

Hopefully, the room has windows. Whether you have one window or a couple large windows, make sure to utilize the natural light during the day.  If it's a shed, it's much easier to add a shed window or two to add some light to the space.   Add blinds or shutters to get privacy when you need it Layer the blinds with sheer curtains. When you're ready to let the sun shine in, the sheer curtains will support this effort. Natural sunlight is beautiful and highlights the aesthetic in a room.

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