The Secret of Making Your Garden Look Lush During Dry Summers

If you would like to be proud of your garden in the summer heat, you need to give it the well deserved TLC. While the landscape design will determine how well the garden will retain and use the water, you will also have a couple of tools in your hand to keep it alive, lush, and green. Find a couple of tips below so you can enjoy those summer parties and weekends spent with your kids playing and fooling around.

Never Put the Pool on the Lawn

If you don’t have a patio, you might want to build one so your kids can enjoy swimming in the inflatable pool all summer holiday. However, if you put the pool full of water on the grass, you will eventually cut off the source of energy; light and oxygen, and the grass will die. While the lawn might grow faster under a trampoline thanks to the shade, when there is no sunshine, you will have to deal with dark patches. If you are having a garden birthday party with a bouncy castle, always place it on the paving stones or patio.

Don’t Water when The Sun Is High and Hot

Image via Annie Spratt

Many people make a mistake by watering their lawn when it is hot. This is not OK, especially if you are using a sprinkler. First of all, not much of the water will get to the roots, as it will evaporate. Second, watering when the sun is high up in the sky can make the young roots of your plants and grass burn out. You will be left with yellow hay instead of lush green grass or flowering plants.

Aerate the Lawn In the Spring
Before the hot weather arrives, it is important to make sure that the water can get down to the soil and become stored for the dry summer months. You might want to go through the lawn and your vegetable garden with an aerator to loosen the hard packed soil and improve the water balance of the ground. The looser the soil is, the better chance water and rain will have to reach deep and get stored away from the summer heat.

Replace your Sprinkler to Get Directly to the Roots
In the hot summer , sprinklers are simply not the most efficient way of watering your plants and your lawn, as they will not reach the roots. Instead, you can invest in an irrigation system that will water your vegetables, flowerbeds, and the entire lawn at a set time after the sun has set. This will give the soil the chance to soak in moisture during the night.

Rake Out Dead Leaves and Grass
Whenever your bushes lose their leaves or flowers, it is important that you get rid of the dry ground cover everywhere, other than the bottom of the flower bed where they can be used as natural fertilizers. You must rake out the dead grass as well, giving way for the new ones to grow. In case you have a pet or a football lover child, you might already have patches in your lawn. You should get in touch with ABC Home & Commercial Lawn Care to get your lawn’s old shine and strength back.

Create Shade
Sometimes, natural ways of landscaping work the best. If you have a pergola or trellis, you might want to create more shade to protect the plants in your garden from the burning heat of the sun. Runner beans, cucumbers, and even grapes can be grown vertically, so you can escape from the heat when having a party.

Add Lawn Feed and Weed / Moss Killer In Your Water

Image via Eric Lagergren

To keep on top of your lawn and make sure that it stays healthy in the summer, you will need to add some lawn feed to your water every 2-3 weeks, and get rid of moss as soon as it appears. You can use bicarbonate soda to kill moss without affecting the health of your grass. Put down extra grass seed whenever you notice a dry patch or lawn killed by moss.

If you would like to make the most out of the summer, it is important to look after your garden and protect your lawn from the summer heat. Landscaping can work, but when you are facing an extremely dry summer, you will need to find smart ways to keep moisture in the ground and prevent the burning of the grass roots. Smart gardeners can make the most out of their garden by making some small changes.

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