Taking Back the House: A Room by Room Space by Space Home Improvement Project

We bought a house nearly 15 years ago.  It needed work--but, it was the size that we needed as a small family with only one child, it was in the Columbus area school district we wanted at the time, and the price was right.  And, it had a pool and a unique layout.  We made a few initial home improvements to the 1987 designs.....and happened.  Repeatedly.  We decided that our "only child" needed a sibling (which turned into two siblings over 3-4 years...)....and some health issues slipped in unexpectedly and some ups and downs caused an earthquake or ten.  And.  Wow.  Here we are.  15 years later.  With a house full of much needed projects, design and decor screaming 1987 and more than a little wear and tear here and there...It is time to take back our house.  It's time for some room by room, space by space, home improvement projects!

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I had planned to tackle these projects a while got in the way again.  We are busy--and, honestly, a lot of our "extra" money goes toward the girls and their many (many, many) projects and activities with little left over for home improvements.  So.  we are looking to take back the house without breaking the bank this year.

Totally.  Top to bottom.  Inside and out.

Room by room.  Space by Space.

Don't expect huge remodeling projects.  Don't expect extravagant purchases.  Expect creative ways to take back the house.  Unique ways to make it our own.  Expect some room by room, space by space home improvement projects--using recycling, up-cycling, and DIY ingenuity!

What will you be seeing on the blog over the next few months?

Too many visits to our local home improvement stores, thrift stores, craft stores, etc..

Product reviews (including the good, the bad, and the ugly disasters)

Pinterest wins and fails.

Before and after photos of our efforts.

Maybe some videos. 

What's changing in our little corner of the world? 

Hmmm.  Picture it. 
Midwest.  Columbus, Ohio.  1987. 
Tacky Vegas-gold brass...ummm..everything.
Golden oak trim, cabinets, hollow oak doors...everywhere...
1990's Linoleum... in every bathroom and the kitchen
Formica-ish every bathroom and the kitchen
...a worn out driveway... overused/worn down pool area... underused attic...
...carpeting long past its prime...
...a changing outdoor landscape....

Yes.  Many of those things seem to be here.  Still.  

And change is certainly long overdue!

If you have a product that we need to know about as we begin to make our changes--email us!  We are going to be changing it all--at least in some ways--from light fixtures and countertops to flooring, doors and decor to garage doors, driveways and landscaping!

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