Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses, And the Health Benefits of It

Blue light wavelengths are found in both natural and artificial light. Blue light exposure during daytime has several health benefits but not after the nightfall. In fact, it disrupts our body’s internal clock and makes it hard for us to sleep. 

Woman sleeping with image showing blue light blocking glasses.

So, it’s important you find a way to block it during the night. Use blue light blocking glasses, and you will be fine. But if you don’t want to invest in one, let us help you reconsider.

Regulates Melatonin Production

Melatonin is a hormone vital to controlling our body’s circadian rhythm. When the sun sets, melatonin is released into the bloodstream. It winds down the body and makes us feel sleepy. Melatonin levels remain high during nightfall. Exposure to daylight decreases melatonin levels until barely noticeable.
Continuous exposure to blue light for hours affects melatonin production and disrupts circadian rhythms. Using Blue Light Glasses helps prevent it.

Improves Sleep Quality

As your melatonin levels are regulated, your body is naturally set for better sleep. Blue Light Blocking Glasses improve your sleep quality. Even a small amount of light can ruin your sleep. These glasses fight the light exposure during dark hours and help you sleep better.

Regulates Cortisol

Cortisol is also a hormone. It is vital to several body processes like blood sugar and blood pressure control. Cortisol is called the stress hormone as excessive production of cortisol leads to stress.
Cortisol is released in the morning, but its level falls throughout the day and night. The link between cortisol and blue light is hard to understand but its proven that exposure to blue light during night increases cortisol production.

Fights off Illness

Blue Light affects sleep quality as it disrupts hormones and wrecks the internal clock of our body. Therefore, it's obvious this light can lead to some severe health issues like:
·         Obesity
·         Cancer
·         Depression
·         Heart Issues
·         Diabetes
Low Melatonin levels are linked to cancer, disrupted circadian rhythms increases blood sugar, and reduces a hormone called leptin which regulates the feeling of fullness after eating.

Protect Your Eyes

Using Blue Light Blocking glasses helps prevent damage to eyes. Yes, it protects the fatty acid in the retina called DHA. It is a light-sensitive tissue that lies at the back of your eyeball. Health levels of DHA ensure the retina works properly. It protects you against damage from exposure to bright light and oxidative stress.

Managing Shift Patterns

Pepe who work at night suffers from dysfunctional circadian rhythm and disruptions in melatonin production. This increases the risk of developing other health issues like digestive issues, obesity, heart issues, cancer, etc.
Using blue light glasses helps to control melatonin production and fix the internal body clock. This improves sleeping patterns.

Bipolar Disorder

This is a mental condition in which the subject suffers from extreme moods like emotional highs, severe depression, hypomania, etc. Even wearing these glasses for only a week can help improve your sleep quality and fight off the symptoms of mania.

Buying Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses are an important investment for your sight, especially for people who face difficulties falling asleep. These glasses are also ideal for people suffering from metabolic or mental health issues. 

For best results, it's important you buy high-quality glasses that filter out the blue light. Yes, they should block the blue wavelengths during the night. These glasses are ideal for computers, smartphone use and even for watching TV. 

Wear them for at least 90 minutes before going to bed. If you don’t know where to one, try

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