Book Review of Held Together: A True Story of Love's Victory by Jenny Q

Today, I have the opportunity to share my thoughts on a memoir. My readers know that I love journeys into another life or world through the pages of their personal words. Held Together: A True Story of Love's Victory by Jenny Q (and friends)--was an inspirational journey and I am excited to share my review of the book--and offer readers an opportunity to win a copy of the book in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post!

Book Title: Held Together: A True Story of Love's Victory by Jenny Q
Category: Adult Non-Fiction; 456 pages
Genre: Memoir

About the Book

In January of 2014, Joshua Tree’s beloved village herbalist, Jenny Q. suddenly became seriously ill and rapidly descended into a coma with slender chance of survival. The shock of this news initiated an overwhelming outpouring of love, wit, service, practical magic and sharing of spiritual wisdom between those in her intimate desert community. Indeed it seemed that the entire group became one in their desperate effort and race against the clock to save her life.

While the words of others in the community tell the story in this book, it is Jenny’s own insightful writings that provide a fascinating window into a range of rare experiences. She gives us a unique glimpse into the mysterious worlds encountered while in a coma, the absolute alteration of losing one’s legs, the subtle venom of PTSD, the nightmare of withdrawal from prescription opiates, and the maddening frustration of having to re-learn basic skills previously taken for granted such as the ability to walk.

My Review

Held Together is indeed a story of Love's victory.  Often, a memoir is written from the author's point of view and holds his or her memories of events and details.  Held Together is composed of many viewpoints--often as the teller recounts memories and emotions of similar or same events as a shared memory teller.  The format of this novel blends the thoughts, pain, courage--and roller-coaster emotions of the main character's community and support system into a story of allowing the force of love to pull many lives back together in the face of a tragedy.

Held Together shares Jenny Q's story through darkness and light. This novel reminds readers quickly that illness can change lives in an instant--and not for only the patient.  Fear, anger, pain mingle with hope and prayer to hold together an eclectic group of supporters--and the author shares it all for readers.  Readers should expect to leave this novel carrying with them just a bit of the inspirational strength, courage and love exhibit throughout the book. If you are facing a challenge of your own; the real, raw, emotional journey presented in Held Together may be just enough to help you hold things together to keep striving forward. 

Would I recommend Held Together?  I often seem to find just the right book at just the right time--and I really needed the inspiration and hope shared through Jenny Q.'s story.  Readers will experience her illness and recovery story from so many perspectives--but, will become part of her community.  If you are facing the aftermath of a sudden or longterm illness or injury--this novel should certainly be on your reading list.  Held Together is one of the best memoirs I have read in many years.  The story is real and painful--but, inspiring and serves to offer proof of love's strength and power.

To read more reviews, please follow the tour on Jenny Q's page on iRead Book Tours.

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Meet the Author:

Jenny Q was born in Southern California to Palestinian immigrants. Her love of herbs began in her teens while on the road following the Grateful Dead. After exploring many heart homes, she set her roots in Joshua Tree, California, where she opened Grateful Desert, the local apothecary. Joyously sharing her life with her tight-knit desert community, Jenny lives with her beloveds~ Yazzy, her daughter and Myshkin, her wife.

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