How to Help Your Kids Adjust to Moving Cross Country

Movers and psychologists will always advise parents to prepare to deal with the reactions of their kids and to know how to deal with them when they make a cross-country move. It is important to begin by realizing that such a major move can be massively hard on children.

Your toddlers will lose their room, and they will mourn it, much like a person might mourn a deceased relative. If you have any school-aged children, they will likely mourn losing their school and their friends. If you have teenagers, then they will mourn all of the above, but they will also go one step further. They will feel angry at you for making such a major life change for them, especially considering the fact that this life change will be entirely out of their control. According to cheapmoversseattle this is all perfectly normal and is what’s to be expected.

With all of this mourning happening around you, it is possible to feel a little overwhelmed by it all and not know what to do. In such instances, you have to give your children the time and space to be upset. You have to be patient with them because time heals all wounds and their lives will eventually return to normal. Whatever you do, however, you cannot expect any major changes to occur overnight. Here are five things you can do in the meantime to help your kids adjust to this major life change.

Don’t Undermine Them
One of the most common reactions by parents in such situations is to undermine the feelings of their kids, especially when moving long distances. You might not think that the losses your kids are going through are important at all. However, it is important to recognize that these changes will be very important to your children and you should respect that. Don’t tell them things like “Everything will work out” as this may not be the ideal approach in such a situation.

Encourage Your Kids to Express Themselves
Your children will naturally have their own fears and concerns about the major life change that they are going through and, as a good parent, you should encourage them to express those fears and concerns. They may have issued verbalizing their thoughts. In that case, you should help them through the process. If you have teenagers, then you should encourage them to express their concerns and fears. Let them talk and play the role of a good listener.

Acknowledge Their Feelings
Do not deny the feelings your children are going through under any circumstances. Do not let them feel isolated or frustrated because they feel like you are not listening to them. Instead, be there for them throughout the process, so they feel like they have a strong support system.

Do Not Shoulder All the Blame
It is sometimes common for parents to blame themselves for the feelings their children are going through. The move is likely as stressing for you as it is for your children, usually even more stressful. You have legitimate reasons for the move, and you do not have to justify it to your kids. You do not have to solve all of their problems. Let them work through them at their own pace and don’t shoulder them on their behalf.

Remember That This is Normal

The most important thing you can do when moving to a new home is to remember that this is all normal and that it is not unusual for children to go through these fears and feelings. Their behavior will even regress just after the move. You may notice a drop in their grades. Do not panic. Instead, let them take the time to adjust at their own pace.

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