Updating a Nightstand in a Small Bedroom with a Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp: A Product Review

We moved into our house 16 years ago.  We brought with us a hodgepodge of family "hand-me-downs" as these two college kids got married and moved into their first "grown up" space. My mom gave me an old end table from 1975--and I moved it into our bedroom as a nightstand.  We were never home anyway--and we just needed something to hold up the lamp for late night working and reading!  *Sigh*  Life happened.  Kids happened.  Health issues happened.  That sad, dated end table lived in our bedroom for 16 years because it just wasn't a priority to replace it.  I recently had the opportunity to review a product from Brightech--and the Maxwell Floor Lamp could update my poor old 40 year old nightstand, add some much needed vertical storage space in our small bedroom--and offer modern lighting to the space. What did we think of the Maxwell Floor Lamp from Brightech?

Brightech Floor Lamp in Black
Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp
The Product Delivery.  The Maxwell Floor Lamp arrived packaged very securely with all of the pieces ready for assembly.  The package contained all of the pieces noted on the assembly instructions--and there were no quality issues or flaws in any of the pieces received.

Was the Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp easy to assemble? 

While some of the pieces were not labeled with letters to correspond to the instructions--it was easy enough to figure out which pieces were which.  I would recommend lying the lamp down and assembling it on its side for easier assembly.  I would also recommend making sure that every corner is straight and tightened securely so that the lamp shade panels fit securely.  It probably took only about 20 minutes for me to assemble it by myself--and the finished lamp was very sturdy and well balanced.

What do we think of the appearance of the Maxwell Floor Lamp from Brightech? I love the clean, simple appearance of the floor lamp--and it works perfectly as a nightstand to offer both light and vertical storage in a small bedroom.  I have placed items on the shelves and move things frequently since the bottom shelves hold books and items that I use nightly.  The lamp offers a surprising amount of light and the pull chain turns the lamp on and off with ease.  It is easy to dust and keep clean and the power cord is held tightly to the lamp with properly colored clips that match the lamp supports.

Would I recommend the Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp?  I love this floor lamp--and will likely be buying another one for my youngest daughter's bedroom since she also needs to take advantage of some vertical bedside storage space!  The lamp is functional, sturdy, and provides a clean, modern look to the room.  My husband rarely expresses opinions about home decor--but, he has even commented that he really likes the lamp.  I have a matching table lamp in mind for additional lighting in the room as well!  These would make great additions to college dorms or small apartments too! 

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