Climbing The Ladder? Then Avoid The Snakes

Carving out a lane in a competitive workplace is a tough ask. To get ahead, you need to be skilled, you must have a thick skin, and you need to understand how to play the game. Whether you like it or not, office politics is a part of the journey. If you don’t avoid the snakes, then you won’t be able to climb the ladder to the top.
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The obvious vipers are easy to spot because they are not subtle; however, it’s the reptiles in the grass which should worry you the most. Here are the tricks which will help you keep your eyes peeled while you scale the corporate hierarchy.

Define The Ladder
Some people see the top of the tree as being the summit of the mountains, whereas others are happy with middle management. It depends on your goals and targets at the minute. The reason defining them helps is that it can help you bypass some of the most venomous snakes. Sticking with a role which makes you happy proves to them that you’re not after their position. Once they see this, they’ll leave you alone. Carry on climbing if you’re motivated but think about how the incumbents above will feel when you get there.

Use A Virtual Assistant
When people tell you to trust no one, they mean it. No, it’s not cynicism but an experience which makes this a wise piece of advice. Everyone has been screwed by a person they trust, and assistants are no different. Indeed, they’re the worst because they know everything about you yet seem toothless. This is one reason to hire a virtual option from the likes of The people involved with correspondence are outsiders and have little contact with the firm. So, the chances of them stabbing you in the back are slim.

Turn Down The Money
Cash doesn’t make the world go around. In an office, the true currency is power and respect. A boss who only offers you an increase in your salary might be playing a power game him or herself if the promotion doesn’t impact your standing. Our very own post points out that name recognition from a market leader is as lucrative as money. Don’t let the dollar signs grab your attention. Instead, look for the extras, the stuff which makes a role a once-in-a-lifetime thing. If they aren’t there, then consider jumping ship.

Appear Bright And Open
Bosses always take the opinion of the office into account when deciding on a promotion. Anybody without the backing of the workforce isn’t going to be able to do the job at hand. A candidate will need the majority of his/her peers to say “yes, I think they deserve it.” To do that, it’s best to have a bright and cheery attitude towards work and helping others. Also, open up and connect on a level without giving away too much. Remember that the perception is the main thing and not the truth.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to avoid getting bitten in the future.

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