Healthy Living Without The Hassle: Tips For Moms On The Go

Most of us know all too well that it’s important to make healthy lifestyle choices, but often, there are barriers in our way. There’s not enough time to slave over a hot stove or hit the gym, or it’s too expensive to fill the cupboards with superfoods. If you’re struggling to get healthy at home, it doesn’t have to be hard to make the right choices. Here are some simple tips to boost your family’s health and happiness without any hassle.

Being more active
Did you know that inactivity is even more dangerous for your health and well being than obesity? The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. If you don’t hit this target, it’s worth making an effort to be more active. If your idea of exercise is walking from the car to your desk or running down the touchline at the kids’ soccer games on a Saturday, it’s time to think about moving more. You don’t suddenly have to spend all your time on a treadmill, but getting your heart pumping and the blood flowing will benefit your body and mind. There are some incredibly simple ways to take more steps and increase activity levels. Start with basic changes like taking the stairs rather than the elevator and making time for a brisk walk every morning or evening. Leave the car at home if you’re popping to the shops or your kids’ school is just around the corner, and consider walking, jogging or cycling to work if you don’t need to drive. Take advantage of free time, and swap the couch for a hike in the woods, a nature trail or a day at the beach playing games and splashing around in the sea. Spend more time in the outdoors, and try different activities.

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Many people are anxious about getting into exercise, but there’s nothing to be scared about. If you’re not hugely confident about going to the gym or donning lycras and getting your bike out, there are plenty of options that may appeal to you. Working out at home is great for moms, as you can adjust your regime to suit your schedule, and you don’t need to leave the house to shape up. You can follow or stream online workouts like those available from Moms Into Fitness, buy fitness DVDs or invest in home gym equipment. If you find that time is an issue, look for short, intensive sessions that enable you to work up a sweat in 15-20 minutes. Another option that may be attractive to you is doing classes like yoga, Pilates, stroller fitness and spinning. If you go to a class, you can meet new friends, you’ll have a teacher or instructor to show you what to do, and you can choose sessions that suit your routine. Working out with others can be more fun, and it can also be motivational, as you can cheer each other on.

As well as boosting physical health, regular exercise can also improve mental health. Working out releases endorphins and increases serotonin levels in the brain. Many parents find that exercise helps to reduce stress and tension, and it can also give you valuable time out if you’ve had a hectic day.

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Eating well
If you find it difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan, you’re definitely not alone. Many of us find it hard to eat well, especially when time is a luxury and you’re trying to balance the books. There’s an assumption that healthy foods are expensive, but this doesn’t have to be the case if you’re savvy when shopping and you’re willing to cook at home. Home cooking is often much better for you because you can control which ingredients you use, and you decide on how much food you put on the plate.  If you are pressed to time and running to the grocery store is not an option, you can order meat varieties online. 
When you order takeout, or you go to a restaurant, you often receive huge portions, and you don’t really know what’s in front of you. Even if you’re a novice chef, there are some really simple, cheap, nutritious meals you can rustle up in a matter of minutes. Consider the health and financial benefits of making homemade meals and packed lunches for the kids and for you and your partner to take to work, for example. You’ll save a fortune, and you can enjoy peace of mind that you’re eating food that has nutritional benefits. Batch cooking is particularly beneficial for busy moms on a budget, as you can freeze individual portions for a later date. Examples of meals that are ideal for batch cooking include casseroles, soups, stews, pasta dishes and cottage pie.

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If money is an issue, it’s wise to remember that you don’t have the buy into the latest food fads to be healthy. You don’t need to stock your larder full of exotic superfoods and tropical fruits to adopt a healthier diet. Look for offers on fresh fruit and vegetables, buy frozen produce, and look for lean meats and deals on fish and whole grain foods. Shop online to keep an eye on how much you’re spending, and keep things simple. If you’re used to dining out and eating plates heaped with pasta, ground beef and cheese, for example, swap this meal for a bowl of fresh wholemeal spaghetti with chopped tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, oregano and basil. You’ll save yourself a huge sum of money, loads of time and hundreds of calories. If you’re not a master chef, have a look online for simple, quick recipes. There are myriad dishes you can create in less than half an hour for a few dollars per head.

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Sleep deprivation is a common problem among parents. When you first have kids, you learn that your nights will never be the same again, but this doesn’t mean that it’s easy to adjust. Getting enough rest is vital for good health. Many parents put a tremendous amount of effort into getting their children into a routine at bedtime, but they neglect their own regime. If you find that you doze off on the sofa or you tend to stay up until the early hours watching TV, now is the time to adopt a new routine. Once your kids are in bed, take time to chill out and unwind. Spend half an hour reading a book, watching a TV show, listening to music or enjoying a hot bubble bath. Do anything that makes you feel relaxed. This will help you get your body and mind ready for rest. Avoid checking emails or doing anything that is likely to stress you out or stimulate your mind late at night, and keep technology out of your bedroom. Set a bedtime and make sure your alarm goes off at a similar time each morning. This will help to ensure that you get enough sleep, and enable your body clock to adjust to a new schedule. Many people also find that meditation and exercise are beneficial for sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, and you’ve tried self-help techniques and altering your routine, consider seeing your doctor.

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Mental health
Often, when we talk about health, we focus solely on our bodies. For many of us, being healthy involves being a certain weight and going to the gym a set number of times per week. Physical health is important, but mental health is also crucial. Many of us tend to forget about our mental health, but this is a subject in which we should all take an interest. You don’t have to be suffering from a mental disorder to think about mental health. We can all take steps to reduce the risk of psychological illnesses and boost our wellbeing.

When you’re a mom, you tend to prioritize your kids, and sometimes, this comes at a price. If you spend all your time running around after little ones, you’re stressed out, and you have no time for yourself, this can take its toll. As a parent, it’s vital that you realize the importance of having downtime and time to yourself. Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day to take a walk, enjoy some fresh air, stretch or meditate, this can make all the difference. Schedule in social activities, give yourself time to catch up with friends and make time for hobbies. You don’t have to be in mom mode 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The odd meal out with friends, yoga class or day at a spa will do you a world of good.

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Do you find it hard to make healthy choices, or do you think you could do better when it comes to protecting your physical or mental health? We often assume that it takes a lot of effort to get into the swing of a healthy lifestyle, but even the simplest changes can make all the difference. If you find that you’re always making excuses, or you’re keen to adjust your lifestyle, it doesn’t have to be hard work. Hopefully, this guide has given you inspiration, and you and your family will be reaping the rewards of making positive changes in no time at all!

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