How to Encourage your Child's Creativity

Promoting creativity early in your child’s life is imperative to help them develop problem solving skills, self-expression/confidence, and the ability to adapt. Success can easily be associated on career opportunity or a school you went to, but its real source is the capability to work through an obstacle that has no easy solution. Engaging creativity will get your kids comfortable with unconventional thoughts or ideas, and here are some ways to get their creative juices flowing.

Exploration of Music

Listening to happy music has been proven to increase the divergent thinking in children. The uplifting beat and lyrics can shift your brain waves to make you more comfortable. This puts your brain at the peak condition for creative thinking. The words or tone in the song may also uncover emotions or memories which feeds inspiration to your imagination.

Playing an instrument can help with creativity as well. Improvising notes lets your mind create a beat and unique sound. An easy instrument to pick up and create a song with are the drums. Getting your child a drum set from Drum Center of Portsmouth would be a fun and beneficial gift for an occasion that you can leave them alone with to be creative.

Separate Space

Establish an area that is designated for being curious. The kids need a place that they feel safe to explore all the places imagination can take you.

Whether it be a room, a fort, or just a small area in their room, it is necessary to have a spot where they are free to imagine without any rules. Also, they need a little bit of inspiration to get their ideas flowing. Fill the space with toys or objects that relate to your children’s interests.

Ask Questions

Just to exercise their brain, you can ask your kids any questions you can think of. More specifically, ask them questions instead of rewarding them for achieving something.

It may sound like bad advice, but in reality, they will get distracted thinking about a reward if they expect one. When they are fully focused on the natural reward of accomplishment rather than a concrete reward, kids are more likely to succeed in their creativity.

Expand on Their Decisions

When decisions are made in a child’s mind, they don’t comprehend all the steps that are taken to finalize it. Encourage them to think critically about the consequences of each option and explain why they chose what they did.

You want them to work it out on their own so they get used to it before they have to start making crucial decisions. Having them express their actions will reaffirm in their minds that they did the right or wrong thing, furthering their knowledge for the next situation.

Be Supportive

An important thing to remember as a parent is to be accepting of strange ideas. Reacting negatively to what they have come up with using their imagination will discourage them from thinking outside the box. Make sure they understand that their unique ideas are normal and are positively improving their minds.

Being supportive does not mean you have to stand over your kids while they are playing. The added pressure will hinder their ability to properly make decisions on their own. You don’t want your kids relying on you to decide when times get tough.

Give Them Time

To get the best results of their visions they need uninterrupted time. You can’t force nor rush the mind in this process or the product will not be as good as it can be. It is high recommended to give your child some space during this process.

Although many children are born with creative minds, it is something that must be learned. There is no one in the world a child will look up to more than their parent. As a parent and role model, it is up to you to make sure your child gets the encouragement needed to think creatively. 

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