5 Important Phone Numbers to Have On Hand When You Have a Child

Parenting, as rewarding as it can be, is often a difficult full-time job to handle. You have to ensure that each child of yours is loved and feels valued as an individual. In addition to fulfilling these psychological needs, you as a parent must meet your children’s more immediate necessities of safety, food, and shelter.

Managing the life of someone else (in addition to your own!) can be overwhelming. You will not always have all the answers, and accepting this will make you a better parent. Luckily, you can enlist the help of professionals and trusted individuals who can save you time or potentially assist you in the case of an emergency.

Make parenting a little easier by saving the following 5 in your phone.

1) Doctor

The number of a trusted doctor is probably the most important one to have on this list. Having your pediatrician on speed dial will set your mind at ease in the case your child falls ill with the cold or other common illnesses. With this number, you can more conveniently set up annual checkups to preserve your child’s long-term health.

This contact spans a lot of different categories that may or may not be relevant to your situation, all depending on your child’s unique individual needs. If your child develops allergies or requires orthodontic treatment, possessing these professionals’ numbers will enhance your ability to help your child feel more comfortable.

2) Poison Control

Young children are curious and lack the judgment that allows them to balance a sense of curiosity and safety. While left unsupervised even briefly, they can ingest makeup, pills, cleaning products, topical products, and other items not meant for consumption.

Upon calling Poison Control, a poison specialist will evaluate symptoms and instruct you on what steps to take. Ensure that you have this essential resource in case your child ever consumes a toxic substance.

3) Neighbor

A neighbor’s phone number will be a life saver if you are ever stuck at work or encounter a personal emergency. A neighbor can pick up your child from school, watch them for a few hours, or check on them if they are old enough to stay home alone. You just need their phone number to ask these favors of them!

4) Out of State Friend

An out-of-state friend or family member’s number will come in handy in the event of a disaster. You can have a convenient place to go if your area is ever plagued by a hurricane, tsunami, or other natural occurrence. This way, you’ll be able to keep your child protected and provide them with a safe temporary dwelling.

5) Accident Attorney

Accidents can, and do, happen. It is important to have the right contact to help you get through any accident your child may be involved in, whether it be a dog bite case or a vehicle accident.

Having the number of a local attorney, like an accident attorney in Tampa will save you from costly travel expenses. They will set you at ease and do their best to make sure you are properly compensated. Attorneys will help you collect the funds needed to ensure your child’s care needs are met. With an attorney, you will not have to face insurance companies alone.

Update Your Contacts

It can’t ever hurt to save these valuable contacts in your phone. A quick dial can save your child’s life. Having these numbers on hand will allow you to devote attention to your children and better help them in unexpected situations.

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