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Break Up! With Your Rental is the go-to primer for the professional woman who flirts with buying real estate, but doesn't know where to start. Whether your taste is in investment, flipping, or buying to occupy, Break Up! With Your Rental will break down what to consider, how to plan your financing, and how to get over searching for THE ONE when there are so many fish in the sea! Read inspiring stories of women who started from scratch and built their wealth through creative real estate buying and selling, and imagine that is time for YOU to consider your next move! Break UP!  


Break Up! With Your Rental opens the possibility of real estate investing.  The author's down to earth writing style is both informative and entertaining.  She shares a host of case studies and stories from real women encountered during her career to illustrate the many different faces of home owners and real estate investors.  Readers are sure to find, not only, a situation very similar to their own--but, hear the positive outcomes (or hopeful outcomes) of each scenario.

Poulos Breaks Down the Fears and Objections to Real Estate Buying.   Fear prevents us from doing so much in life.  Combine that with society's expectations and "doing things the way we have always done them"--it's easy to see why many young women (and many more older women) fail to enter the real estate market alone.  This book takes a look at most of the fears that women have about buying property--and addresses many of the common (and some uncommon) objections to buying that first property. 

Would I recommend Break Up! With Your Rental by Courtney Poulos?  This book is written primarily for women real estate buyers--because the expectations and norms for a single woman or even a married woman are still different than those views placed upon men.  From the "why aren't you married?" questions that women face to the "what if I lose my job?" fears that single women hold--the author seeks to support women in delving into real estate ownership. The author's writing style teaches and inspires women without preaching or belittling fears and doubts.  I think this is a great book for both younger women just beginning to rent property and launch careers--but, I think it is also a must read for older women looking for second careers, beginning lives again after divorce or loss.  Even if you do not want to become a real estate investor--the values of owning property are well presented and let readers sort out the mystery and fear of the home buying process. 


"COURTNEY POULOS, expert real estate broker, skillfully shows how linking the buying of real estate to dating can liberate you from culturally entrenched beliefs. Not only will you overcome all of these mental blocks by the end of this masterful book, but you will also learn a set of practical and applicable tools for your own journey into the world of real estate, whether you are interested in buying a place to live, rent out, or renovate and sell for a profit. You will also read the stories of numerous women, from a variety of different backgrounds, who have used real estate to improve their lives. This book, which I highly recommend, essentially shows how you can own a home all by yourself, build equity, and leverage it to create financial independence." -J.J. Hebert, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author


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Break Up! With Your Rental: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Building Wealth Through Real Estate features real life examples of women who have taken control of their financial future.


Courtney J.E. Poulos is the broker/owner of ACME Real Estate, a design-savvy boutique brokerage focusing on brand marketing and real estate sales. She is a member of Forbes Real Estate Council, a repeat panelist at Inman Connect and Awesome Females in Real Estate, and is a panelist and emcee for the California Association of Realtors WomanUp!® Initiative. She recently was the host of FYI Network's "My City's Just Not That Into Me," where she played real estate matchmaker with buyers and sellers nationwide. She has been selling real estate since 2005. Courtney’s stated mission is to help women achieve financial independence through real estate investment. Her latest book, Break Up! With Your Rental: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Building Wealth through Real Estate, will be available nationwide in November 2018.
As co-founder of the Northeast Los Angeles Business Culture, Courtney brought together over 50 small business owners in a transforming neighborhood to create community and cross-promotional opportunities, applying social media marketing and outreach. Courtney hails from the East Coast, graduated from University of Maryland at College Park's esteemed Phillip Merrill College of Journalism with a degree in Journalism/Public Relations, and spent 9 years working in arts and entertainment public relations prior to entering real estate.

In her free time, she enjoys being a mama, maintains the brokerage website for design and real estate,, military-style workouts, singing karaoke at dive bars, and enjoying a nice glass of Malbec under twinkle lights.
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