The 4 Things All New Moms Should Splurge On

Diapers! Bibs! Strollers! High chairs! A crib! The shopping list of any new parent is easily a mile long. And with grandparents, aunts, friends, and even co-workers offering to donate their old baby gear to you, you may be willing to take those extra onesies even if they’re slightly stained.

There are some things, however, that every new mom shouldn’t compromise on. To help you prepare for life with your new bundle of joy, here are four items that are worth paying a little extra for. 
1. Breast Pumps

Unless you’re planning to be around your baby 24/7, a breast pump is a must-have. Newborns have very frequent feeding schedules, and your pump schedule should match that. This means you’ll likely be using one of these handy devices more often than you’d think.

There are manual and electric models, and the exact kind you get depends on your personal preferences and how often you’ll be pumping. Regardless, having a quality breast pump is more hygienic and comfortable than picking up the cheapest one possible.

The difference in quality comes from how portable, easy to clean, and comfortable a pump is. Lower quality pumps may be harder to sterilize, which means mold may grow in the tubing. All in all, even if you only plan to pump a little, spending a little extra may make all the difference.

2. Strollers

Actually, you don’t need to spend as much on a stroller as a new car. Lots of mid-range strollers are a great balance between affordable and practical.

When test driving a stroller, the number one thing to look out for is maneuverability. That is to say, does it handle well? Can it make sharp turns? Will the front wheel become misaligned or get caught on cracks in the road? Is it too heavy to lift? You don’t want a stroller so bulky that it can’t be hefted over small bumps and steps, but lightweight models may not be durable.

Cheaper strollers will break down easily, although the difference between luxury and mid-quality is small enough that it’s okay to pick one that isn’t wallet-bustingly expensive. Other features to look for are decent sun protection, storage room, and a reclining seat. Just always try to push one around the store before you buy!

3. Car Seats

Some people are okay with second-hand car seats as long as they fit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards, but a good, high-quality car seat is worth the convenience and portability more than anything else. Used seats also run the risk of having expired parts or having previously been in an accident, which makes them potentially unsafe.

There are many different kinds of seats for different ages, but generally, most will end up with a convertible seat for the versatility and convenience. More expensive models tend to be quite comfortable and accommodating for children well past toddler age, so one that’s durable and safe is worth the investment.

4. Nursing Bras

Anyone breastfeeding understands how important a good nursing bra is for comfort and convenience. Although bras are expensive, particularly in larger sizes, don’t be tempted to skimp because you think the price tag isn’t worth it.

Your chest will change during and after pregnancy, so a good nursing bra will have a little extra fabric in the cup to allow room to breathe. You may be used to the cheap bras that you bought two years ago, but bras are genuinely an item where you get what you pay for! They can be incredibly comfortable (and flattering to your silhouette!) if you’re willing to get fitted and buy a higher end bra.

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