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I have read and reviewed a couple books from Ronald J. Wichers in the past. This week, I had the opportunity to read and review The Palisades, set in 1960's L.A.  What did I think of The Palisades by Ronald J. Wichers?

About the Book 

What nameless thing sustains us? Religion? What does it mean to be religious? And what sort of woman would faithfully minister to the needs of a dying husband, a man who has neglected her and betrayed her? A woman with no ties to any religious tradition.

And how many among us would remain loyal to a nation embroiled in a war that many believe should never have been allowed to happen—a conflict in which the mightiest nation on earth waged war on one of the very poorest?

And what is faith? Is it only rote learning of prayers and hymns, moral laws and historical facts? Or is it something that only a few among us are given—a seeking of something, of someone that resides in the heart of all things?

Take the journey through The Palisades and wonder.

My Review

The Palisades offers readers quite a journey.  I love the author's writing style.  He takes readers through a very difficult time in American history--and turns it into something even more as his characters face love, life and morality at virtually every turn.  From the Vietnam War to religion and betrayal--it is impossible to not love the main character and the grace with which she faces her life.

Characters change and grow--sometimes abruptly.  The pace of the novel flowed well--but there are some rather abrupt character personality changes that quickly changed the novel's course.  I did like that the main character, Elisabeth, was allowed to struggle at times--but, was also allowed to maintain the strength and vision to see the wonders in her world.  I just had to step back a couple of times and settle into the new direction of the storyline.

Would I recommend The Palisades?   The author captures a lot from the 1960's--along with a look at religion and faith--and what really motivates a good heart.    If you enjoy a well written life story offering a glimpse into some of the darkness of war and of life, love and faith--this book is well worth a read.   

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