Three Reasons To Have Your Commercial Front Door Repaired

Many business owners let door maintenance slide to the bottom of the to-do list until there’s no choice but to call in for repair or replacement. Being proactive can save face with customers and save money for the bottom line. Here are three reasons to go ahead and call a professional to take care of your glass door repair Dallas TX.

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First Impressions Become Lasting Impressions

Whether it’s a customer’s first time in your establishment or his or her first time that day, walking through the front door is the beginning of an experience inside your four walls. If the door sticks or is hard to open, the customer may start the experience feeling frustrated. If the handles are loose or the door hangs unevenly, the customer may feel that lack of care and quality applies to the goods and services within. For many customers, walking through your door is the first interaction your business has with them. That interaction should be effortless.

Every Customer Should Be Able To Come In

The Americans With Disabilities Act outlines what differently-able customers need from businesses to be able to access your goods and services. The ADA includes guidelines on door surfaces, how much force should be needed to open the door and more. While older buildings may not be required to meet these guidelines, there are some tax incentives available to businesses ready to update to accommodate differently abled customers. The real payoff, though, is making your business accessible to all.

A Repair Can Be an Opportunity

While spending money on repairs is a decision most business owners dread, it can also be an opportunity to update and upgrade the look and feel of your establishment. Glass doors tend to be standardized, but the opportunities to individualize are limitless. Some brazen designers incorporate stained glass, wood or interesting hardware.

Whether you’re repairing, complying with code, or upgrading your front door, take the time and opportunity to make your customers’ first steps into your business the best experience possible.

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