3 Dance Party Theme Recommendations

If you are going to throw a party, you might as well throw a dance party. While it is true that not everyone enjoys dancing, you can still encourage those guests to have some fun with creative themes. Next thing they know, they will be up and swaying side to side with the rest of their friends.
To throw a dance party, put together your guest list, send out the invitations and wait for the RSVPs. If you want to serve food, pull together the menu and hire the caterers. Before you begin to purchase the dance party supplies, though, pick a theme. A theme ties all the elements of your party together. It also gives your guests an idea of what they should expect that evening.

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 For your dance party, here are three themes to consider.

Throwback Dance Party

Every generation believes that their generation had better things and times than the generation that came after them. When you are feeling nostalgic and want to remember the good old times, get your high school and college friends together and have a throwback dance party. For the decor, you can shop at thrift stores and search for posters, clothes and decorations from the era you grew up in. Your friends may be able to contribute items, too. Then, put your favorite songs on a playlist and have the DJ play them all night long.

Bubble Dance Party

A bubble dance party requires a bubble machine, a fun music play list and a warning to your guests. They may not want to wear their best duds since bubbles are going to land on them. While they may not get soaked, some moisture is going to happen. In the same vein, instead of bubbles, you can opt for foam, powder paint or nitrogen, too.

Disco Dance Party

Disco dance parties are always a hit. There is something about that era that remains a popular theme among the generations who did not have the opportunity to experience it.

For your dance party, do not forget the dance party supplies.

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