5 Summer Safety Tips for Homeowners

While many of us are tackling spring cleaning and itching to get outside and garden--we are also thinking ahead to the summer months. Summer gives us weeks to head outside and enjoy the weather and the outdoor areas of our homes--but, summer also brings some safety concerns for homeowners too. Here are five common summer safety issues and some summer safety tips for homeowners!

Keep Water Safety in Mind. A backyard pool or spa offers a lot of summer fun for families--but, they bring some risks as well. If you own a home with a pool or a water feature like a pond or water garden--be sure to take safety precautions to prevent drowning or illness. Keep the pool safely fenced and secured from outside access, be sure to supervise guests during use and restrict horseplay or reckless behavior, and consider taking CPR and first aid courses in case an emergency arises. It is also essential to keep your pool equipment up to code when you make repairs or updates. We recently had to change a few pool parts when we installed a new pool liner to become compliant with modern safety standards. Also, remember to keep your pool or spa properly sanitized and chemically treated within safe levels for use.

Practice Fire and Burn Safety While Grilling. The backyard grill is the focal point of many summer afternoons. Be sure that you put all of your fire and burn safety skills to use to prevent accidents or injuries when grilling those steaks and burgers. Maintain the grill and equipment and ensure that it is safe for operation before every use. Keep children and pets a safe distance from the grill--especially when you leave it to cool down after use. Keep a first aid kit on hand for minor burns--and brush up on grill safety if you are a little rusty!

Be a Responsible Party Host. We host many backyard parties--and many of them include alcoholic drinks on the menu. Homeowners in many states of the U.S. are held liable for the actions of intoxicated party guests should they cause an accident or disturbance. A personal injury attorney can offer you specifics or advise you if you are injured. As a homeowner, be sure to limit the drinks offered at your party and arrange designated drivers or offer a guest room to visitors if needed.

Be Mindful of Outdoor Pets During the Summer Months. Our cats and dogs love to venture outdoors at the first hint of warm weather. As homeowners, we are responsible for keeping our pets safe and secure--and keeping them from biting or injuring children, guests or strangers they encounter. Be sure to understand your local leash laws and rules against animals at large. Additionally, be aware of your animal’s temperament and take precautions accordingly to protect others (and your pet) during outdoor time.

Take Precautions Against Burglars and Theft. While the previous tips have dealt with homeowner liabilities--there are also other summer risks to consider. Summer months bring opportunities for theft and home break-ins. Be sure to put aways bikes, yard tools and gear at the end of a long summer day to avoid losing items left unattended to thieves. Remember also to take extra precautions when leaving home for vacations or outings as these are prime times for burglaries and theft.

Summer months bring a lot of fun and memory making--and these tips will help you be a safe, responsible homeowner this summer!

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