Anti-Aging Solutions for Your 40-Something Skin

Women of today are more conscious about their health and appearance. They pay attention to what they eat, maintain an active lifestyle and follow a regular skincare routine. The cleanse, tone and moisturize trio has been replaced by more extensive skincare practices and treatments. Women in their 40s are also into anti-aging and rejuvenating products to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, lines and other skin imperfections.

As women become older, their skin issues become more pronounced. This is partly why they look for products with more advanced treatment systems. These contain more potent formulations and luxury products like gold, diamond, pearls and more. Minerals from the Dead Sea are also known for their restorative benefits and have been added to premium skincare lines, such as those offered by Kedma Skincare Philippines.

Skincare for Maturing Skin

Maturing skin needs specialized care and more attention. As cells age, the skin loses elasticity and may start drooping or wrinkling. The production of collagen, which plumps up the cells and makes your skin look fuller and healthy, also begins to wane.

Skincare products with collagen not only rehydrate the skin cells but also boost collagen production deep within the cells. Kedma offers a line-up of luxurious creams, serums and cleansers with collagen. These are also imbued with natural acids and multivitamins, which contribute to tighter and firmer-looking skin. The products also work on repairing sun damage and other signs of aging, which include dark spots and skin discoloration.

The New Gold Standard

For more pronounced wrinkles, Kedma has special products with hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a natural substance produced in the human body. In the medical field, HA is used to address problems in the joints and during eye surgeries. It is known to moisturize the skin and has been used as a lip filler and skin treatment.

The brand's Personal Wrinkle Filler is a breakthrough product that helps instantly cover signs of aging. The cream is injected onto the site where there are lines and prominent wrinkles. What the cream does is instantly lift the site up and make the area smoother and plumper. It is formulated with rich minerals from the Dead Sea, shea butter and evening primrose oil, another favorite product when it comes to skincare. It increases hydration levels in the skin and promotes skin elasticity.

Another must-try age-reversing product is the Dead Sea Facial Gold Serum. This is part of the luxurious gold line of products made with 24K gold. The company takes a page from Egyptian Queen Cleopatra’s skincare diary and uses gold to improve her appearance and make her face look radiant.

Gold is known to give the skin and face a youthful glow. The product locks in the skin’s natural moisture while stimulating the production of collagen. It also has a lot of vitamin E, ginseng root and chamomile extracts, which are also known to make the skin become more hydrated and look younger.

If you are in your 40s and want to stay beautiful, it is time to start taking a few extra steps in your skincare routine. Kedma offers a wonderful line of products for maturing skin, and they do work wonders.

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