#Sepanx: 3 Ways to Prep for a Move When You’re Too Attached to Your Home

Not all moving is an exciting life milestone. Especially when you’re leaving a decades’ worth of memories in the family home and a neighborhood who have become so dear to you. It doesn’t help either when you’re going to a place miles away from your current home that you can’t just drop by your old neighborhood and see your friends when homesickness kicks in.

But life is crazy. A new work assignment pops up. An empty nest gets a little too uncomfortable. Divorce happens. And so the move becomes inevitable. How do you prepare for a move when you’re too attached to your home? Here are some things you can do for this emotionally-charged relocation:

1. Recognize what you feel.

Most people tend to brush off negative feelings toward the move precisely because it’s uncomfortable. But here’s the thing, acknowledging your emotions can help you better process them, which helps in moving forward.

So, ask yourself what exactly you’re feeling. Do you regret selling the home? Are you scared about your life after the move? Do you feel overwhelmed? There’s an emotional reason for why you’re holding on to your home. Explore that. And from there, think of ways you can deal with it.

If it’s regret, remind yourself of why you arrived at this choice in the first place. If you’re overwhelmed, vent to your spouse or a trusted friend. The bottom-line is, don’t sweep your feelings under the rug. Acknowledge them.

2. Clean out your closet.

Of course, it’s a given that decluttering is part of your moving prep, but do know that this isn’t just some ‘logistical’ task you need to accomplish. It also helps you detach from your home, bit by bit. It makes a move more real to you and compels you to accept this reality.

And as you sort through your stuff, keeping and donating some away, it becomes like a ritual of embracing this new life you’re about to get into. So while you’re in the process of dealing with your feelings, match it with the action step of cleaning out your closet.

Gradually, move on to your kitchen cabinets, foyer racks, bookshelves, etc. In the end, you’re more ready to take on this new chapter in your life, and you’ve ticked one task off your prep list. Call in the removalists or use a moving service app to help you with the packing and loading of stuff.

3. Host a dinner for friends.

A celebration may be the last thing on your mind considering what you’re feeling, but gathering your neighbors and friends in a mini party will give you the avenue to formally say goodbye and hopefully help in creating that sense of detachment.

There are lots of ways to make this more meaningful for you and your friends. For one, you can have a ‘gift-giving’ segment. Collect some of the stuff you decluttered, lay them on the floor, and have your friends get what they want.

This doesn’t just help you get rid of things but also leave items your neighbors can remember you by. You can also have a reminiscing ritual of some sort. Share about your first impressions about each other and your fondest memories.

It’s hard to leave the home that basically witnessed everything in your life. But believe it or not, you’ll be okay. You’ll be able to let go, move on, and make it.

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