The Aftermath of an Event

It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a wedding or holiday party, throwing an event of any kind is a lengthy process. Dealing with the aftermath can be just as sticky at times.

Hire an Event Cleaner

Once everything is taken care of and your party is all done, there’s a lot of cleanup to do. The last thing you want to do once you’ve orchestrated this circus is to clean it all up, so don’t! Hire an event cleaning service to do it for you. If you live in the area, look into event cleaning Denver. This makes you responsible for one less thing, and you will be able to leave it all in the capable hands of professionals.

Provide Alternative Options

There is no excuse for drunk driving. Do your part to keep over-enthused guests off the road and safely home by providing services for them.
  • Uber offers packages for party discounts in situations like these. When setting up, you will be asked to provide information such as the number of guests, the start and end date/time of the event and the amount of money you’re willing to spend on a pass.
  • Everyone has seen that partygoer in their past who can barely stand, let alone walk. Find a safe place for them to sleep and regain control. If you are hosting your event at a hotel, book a block of rooms for guests to sleep it off. If not, look into hotels close by your venue and do the same thing.

On the Subject of Drinking…

Any event that serves alcohol should have clear and firm rules about its policies. Have a clear understanding between you and the bartending service as to what these are.
  • Do not allow underage drinking for ANY REASON. Not only is it immoral, but it is also illegal. Ask your bartending service how they monitor drinkers and how they check ID.
  • Consider having a limit on how much guests can drink. Some events do a ticketing system where each partygoer is given three or four alcohol vouchers for the entire night. This keeps the chaos under control and discourages over excess.
  • Another way to keep drinking under control is to have a cutoff time. Last call at most bars is two in the morning, but if your event doesn’t go that late, define a time that works.
Between booking vendors and being sure that everything is in order, it’s not easy to plan and carry out a big event. Dealing with the after-effects of a party can be equally challenging, but by knowing what to expect and how to handle them, you party can end on a happy, successful note.

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