6 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

The main reason we hear people give for the lack of travel in their life is how expensive it can be, especially with kids in tow. Well we have great news for you – it doesn’t have to be expensive! If you know the right tips and tricks, you can travel anywhere in the world on a budget.

Check out these great tips for saving money while traveling, and start planning your next vacation!

1. Stay Flexible with Your Dates

When it comes to buying plane tickets, prices tend to vary drastically. When booking your flight, you will be able to see that the prices may be higher or lower on different days. If you are able to remain flexible with the dates of your flight, you can find the best deal! Just pick a week or month that you would like to travel, and see how prices on different days compare.

2. Avoid Hotels

Hotels are one of main ways that traveling becomes very expensive very fast. There are many other ways you can find great accommodations at much lower pricing in the area you would like to travel to. Try looking online at:
  • · Local hostels
  • · VRBO
  • · AirBnb
  • · HomeAway
These are great alternatives to a traditional hotel room, and often more spacious and comfortable.

3. Cook During Your Vacation

Eating out is a great part of any vacation. Getting to enjoy a different area or cultures staple foods is essential to many travelers. If you are attempting a budget vacation, consider picking only one or two highly rated places to eat out. Book accommodations with a kitchen so that you can cook and keep snacks for the remainder of your stay.

If you do not want to miss out on experiencing the local food, find a cookbook and a local farmers market. You can make a fun adventure out of creating those dishes yourself!

4. Find Free Activities and Events

We think the best part of planning any vacation is seeing what kind of fun things there are to do wherever you are going!

When you are taking this important vacation planning step, make sure to keep an eye out for anything that says FREE. This will help you pack your vacation full of awesome experiences without breaking the bank.

5. Avoid Taxis and Ubers

Sometimes, it is just not feasible to get everywhere by walking when you are on vacation. Make sure to do your research on public transportation in the area before your visit. If you are traveling to a city with poor public transportation, or want to explore surrounding areas, you will likely need a car.

Taxi and Uber prices vary and are highly unreliable, especially when trying to plan a budget for your vacation. We suggest hiring a car service to take care of your transportation needs. There are loads of ways to find cheap car rentals deals, either online or from the airport you land at. Many give you a flat rate quoted price for your entire trip. This makes planning and budgeting a breeze!

6. Use Calling and Texting Apps

If you are traveling internationally, you will run into international calling fees that are exorbitant. While it is possible to purchase calling cards, you can easily get around this problem by using the beautiful invention of the internet. There are plenty of apps that allow you to call or text your loved ones back home when you are connected to wifi.

Consider downloading these apps:

  • · Skype
  • · WhatsApp
  • · Google Hangout
  • · Viber

When you are not connected to the internet, we strongly suggest you avoid using your phone at all costs. International data charges are no joke, and if you are traveling on a budget it will be a particularly scary sight to see.

When traveling with kids, it’s best to have a contact method. Keep costs low by getting a local SIM card for your mobile or getting a roaming package from your service provider.

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