Top Tips To Dress Your Fashion-Challenged Man Better

There's no doubt surrounding the universal truth that a woman is often behind the sudden change of a poorly dressed man as wives and girlfriends have been the architects of their men's wardrobes for several years now. However, you may be wondering how you could possibly encourage your fashion-challenged man to stray from his comfort zone and finally try out a pair of crisp jeans and that charming button-down shirt. To avoid the man in your life falling any deeper into the realm of sartorial comfort, here are a few soft and subtle ways that you can gently steer him in the right direction.
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Find The Right Fit

A well-fitted pair of jeans paired with a fitted t-shirt will look undeniably better than a poorly fitted suit. Most of the problem with fashion-challenged men is that they are somehow oblivious to just how important the right fit is. After all, it is not so much what you wear but rather how you wear it. You may not need to dread the potential outcome of sitting your significant other down and discussing just how ill-fitting his clothing choices are, as you could opt for the subtle route.

Surprising him with a new pair of fitted jeans and a polo shirt may be the right approach to encourage a better fit. Focusing on fit will have the man in your life looking better than 99% of the male population. What's more, the method of gifting him with a fitted outfit may be enough to bring about a style epiphany that opens his eyes to the undeniable charm that lies within the right fit.

Consider His Personality

Once you have gifted your significant other with the perfect comparison outfit to his existing wardrobe, you will have the ideal opportunity to gently compare your choice of outfit to his in the event that he still does not quite catch on. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that your man is by no means a mannequin as you should avoid neglecting his personality when he finally allows you to spruce up his wardrobe.

Selecting new outfits should be a team effort, which means that you may want to consider the convenience of online shopping purely to avoid your man dreading even one more day of shopping. Searching online for new items at quality retailers such as John Henric would be a great idea to ensure your poorly dressed man is able to give his input without feeling overwhelmed with the boredom that men often associated with fashion and shopping.

Fashionable Details

If you want the man in your life to finally have his share of fashion compliments that will only encourage him further down the right path, then you should avoid neglecting the details. Pocket squares on suit pockets are possibly as charming as an elegant tie. Men's fashion trends may be far more straightforward in comparison to women, although details are always crucial to tying a look together. It truly is the little things in life that count.

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