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I read a lot in our little corner of the world--and have a literary novel to share with you today. Check out my review of The Tender Birds by Carole Giangrande, learn about the author & enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title The Tender Birds by Carole Giangrande
Category Adult Fiction (18 +),  305 pages
Genre:  Literary Fiction
Publisher Inanna Publications
Release date:  October 2019
Content Rating:  PG-13 + M
(References to mature themes. The f-word and s**t are used about six times each. There are two non-explicit sex scenes (one is a reverie) and there is no physical violence.)

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About the Book

Matthew Reilly is a busy academic, a lonely priest haunted by secrets. Young Alison is the shy and devoted keeper of Daisy, a falcon which suffered an accident and can no longer fly. The three of them meet in a Boston parish, but Matt has forgotten a momentary but disturbing meetup with Alison, homeless eight years earlier in Toronto. Close to exhaustion, he's forced to reflect on what's become of his life, including the loss of a son that no one knew he'd fathered. Alison and Matt had a fateful encounter during her homeless period, but Matt doesn't connect that frail teenager with the healthy young woman she'd become. It's left to Alison to uncover Matt's past and for Matt to come to terms with it.

My Review

The Tender Birds is a must read.  Once I settled into the author's writing style and the elements of the story and the roles and symbolism of the birds took shape in my mind, I couldn't put novel down.  The author blends a lot into the novel as her characters reveal pieces of themselves and the Faith-based storyline moves them toward healing and forgiveness.  For readers who enjoy realistic fiction with life lessons and Christian messages of hope and healing (without preaching and heavy Scripture)--this novel will hold interest through to the end.

The author creates strong characters and a well paced storyline.  While, I didn't love Father Matthew's character--perhaps he was actually too realistic in his thinking and judgements for a "fictional" priest--but I didnt like him a great deal.  Alison; however, brought peace and strength to every one of her pages.  The storyline had almost a memoir flow as the reader was taken back and forth through the character's lives as the story grew.   Even with that back and forth activity, there was never a point when the story bogged down or became confusing or repetitive.  

Would I recommend The Tender Birds?  I will admit that I didnt settle quickly into the author's storyline--but once I did, she had me hooked for every word.  Christian fiction fans will enjoy the author's story-and readers who enjoy a real-world story of hope, faith and redemption (with some fate, destiny and God's pathways mixed in) will find a story to love as well.  I enjoyed the novel and look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

Praise for Carole Giangrande's novels:

    “…prose that absolutely shimmers. What’s more, her recapitulation of what is was like to watch 9/11 unfold on television is engrossing in its verisimilitude. DeLillo, Amis and Foer could learn a thing or two from her.” — Quill and Quire

    “This is a softly unsettling book, effective in showcasing the confusion that follows such a personal yet public crisis.” — Publishers’ Weekly

    “…a deftly crafted meditation on what happens in the aftermath of tragedies both public and private, calling into question the idea that time heals all wounds.” — Room Magazine

    “Giangrande has written a thought-provoking story that will have your heart racing, bursting, and breaking. The story is thoughtful, slow-going, and emotional.  The prose is beautiful.  The characters are interesting, flawed, and realistic.  And the ways in which this book explores life and death through the pain of waiting and not knowing is superb.  I just loved this book so hard.  It was terrific!” — A Bookish Way of Life

    “The wording is both elegant and poetic… the author, accomplished painting vivid images within my mind’s eye that will never be forgotten. Overall this book is unique, being unlike anything I have read before. Go get a copy! You will not be disappointed.” —Readaholic Zone

About the Author

Carole Giangrande is the award-winning author of ten books, including the novella A Gardener on the Moon (winner of the 2010 Ken Klonsky Award) and the novel All That Is Solid Melts Into Air (2018 Independent Publishers Gold Medal for Literary Fiction). The Tender Birds is her fourth novel. She’s worked as a broadcast journalist for CBC Radio (Canada's public broadcaster), and her fiction, poetry, articles and reviews have appeared in literary journals and in Canada’s major newspapers. In her spare time, she loves exploring nature with her partner Brian, photographing birds and studying French.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this profound novel about hope, faith, and redemption. it sounds like a must read for many.



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