Where Will Your Writing Skills Take You?

Writing essays for school can be bothersome, but what you may not know is that your essay homework is actually preparing you for your future career. But why is writing skills important even if you're choosing a field that doesn't involve writing?
Well, turns out that many industries recognize the importance of good writing. You don't have to be an aspiring novelist to widen your vocabulary and ace every essay test. Try to picture it this way:
When you're applying for a job, you'd be asked to submit a cover letter along with your resume. If your cover letter is poorly written, perhaps because you weren't able to express yourself genuinely and properly, you might have a smaller chance of getting the job compared to other applicants.

That is why writing skills are developed while we're young. Student publishing companies offer 4th-grade writing worksheets, which consist of a step-by-step guide for composing essays. It aims to develop a 4th grader's skill in composing explanatory, informative, narrative, and opinion essays, as well as writing an engaging introduction and a strong conclusion.

That said, where will our writing skills truly take us?

Getting Superior SAT Results

Our SAT score will determine which universities we can apply for. Aside from focusing on math and sciences, take the time to prepare for the essay part of the test as well. An exceptional essay will surely elevate your score in the writing section of the exam. And when you're well-prepared, you'd find yourself pouring out the words like it's second-nature, resulting in a well-thought-out and sincere message.

Higher Marks in College
College involves a lot of research papers, lab works, more essays, and thesis. Submitting a well-written academic paper will earn you impressive marks. If your professor sees great potential in your skills, you might even get invited to participate in an assisted research paper or become a teacher's assistant. Simply put, being skilled at writing bears great opportunities in your college journey that you can use to your advantage after graduating.

Better Business Communication Skills

Communication is vital in a business and that's not limited to email exchanges and meetings alone. It extends to advertisements, promotions, blogs, and public relations. You can't make a compelling ad without a well-written message, and similarly, you can't produce a buzz-worthy video campaign without a story that the audience can relate with.

Writing skills are essential when planning a marketing strategy and when building connections. With a clear mind, empathy, and adequate information, we can write a concise message with consideration for the other party's needs. For example, if we're writing for an ad campaign, we compose a tagline or slogan that can resonate with our customers' emotions, struggles, or happiness.

On the other hand, if we're writing a letter to a reputable public figure to invite them for a collaboration or partnership with our company, a proposal letter with a professional tone will surely get their attention and possibly their consent or approval.

Better Storytelling Skills

With good writing skills, including an expansive vocabulary, we can describe and explain things better, such as feelings and experiences. When we don't have enough words to narrate a situation, it can make our stories complicated; therefore, making our readers confused. On the contrary, if you know the right words to describe every detail of your story, your readers can picture the scenarios in their minds more clearly.

Better Learning

Being a good writer gives us a reason to learn about a wide scope of ideas. We can get motivated to research things we never thought we'd be interested in, and write about what we've learned after. This practice also develops our writing style and helps us build the idea that we want to specialize in.

Seeing where good writing skills can take us, let's start developing this skill by reading more books, listening to informational podcasts, and of course, by writing more. Writing is a skill that will never go to waste, no matter our age and career choice.

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