Working from home: creating the perfect environment

Whether you are working solidly for ten hours a day or you are a part-time worker, having a fantastic environment in which to work from home is important. Continue reading for our advice on how to create the perfect one for you.
Where will you work?

It is imperative that you are able to separate work from home. Finding an effective place from which to work can be tricky though and no one wants to be trapped in a pokey box room for hours day after day. It certainly isn’t conducive to efficient working. However, if that is the only room in which you can possibly work, that might have to do. For those of you lucky enough to have extensive outdoor space, installing a home office in the garden would be an excellent idea. Doing so means that you can work in a professional space without the usual home distractions. Having a purpose-built space also gives you the freedom to choose the design and layout much more easily than adapting an existing room or area.

What furniture will you choose?

Having a desk, for the vast majority of people who work from home, is a necessity. Choosing one that is right for you can take a little while. Commonly, nowadays, more and more people are opting for a design of a desk which rises and falls, allowing for standing up to work. It is a fantastic way to prevent back troubles and certainly an option to be explored in more depth. Likewise, a chair that is well-suited to you is also a vital consideration. If you are sitting for extended periods of time, a supportive chair is a must. Think also about where your printer and other electrical equipment will be housed. If you print a lot of documentation, will you also require a paper store? Many businesses, although largely paperless, still keep some paper documentation with personal information on. Investing in a lockable filing cabinet is advisable.

How will you decorate?

This might not be your primary concern, but at some point, you must consider decorating in order to add an aspect of calm and productivity to your environment. Keeping the walls neutral is a good idea, although a splash of color is not ill-thought-out. This could be done through some wall art or even motivational messages, which can be inspiring whilst working. Some people choose to adorn the walls with a water fountain, like one of these from Indoor Fountain Pros, as a way of adding some extra serenity to space. As well as the added extras, it is also very important to think about the lighting in your room. Natural light is much better for encouraging a positive mood. If natural light is impossible or hard to come by, especially in the darker winter months, consider investing in a lighting system that mimics natural light. It is also vital that you position any screen away from the lighting otherwise you will get an unpleasant glare.

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