5 Signs Your Home Needs a Water Treatment System

You want to give your family the cleanest, freshest water possible for drinking, bathing, and general cleaning. Home water treatment systems can be an excellent investment to help you achieve that goal. If you have any concerns about the quality of your household water, keep an eye out for signs that there may be trouble. 

1. The Clothes Never Get Really Clean

Hard water can cause laundry to take on a dingy, grey appearance even after repeated washing. When the wash just won't get clean, it is probably a sign that you need a water softener installed.

2. A Ring or Stains Appear in Your Tubs and Toilets

Scale buildup on appliances, spots on dishes and rings or stains on your tub are other sure signs that you have hard water in your home. A knowledgeable fox valley plumbing company can recommend a water softening system that is appropriate for your household size and water needs.

3. The Water Has a Funny Odor or Taste

For the most part, any water you get from the tap should be relatively tasteless. If you notice a sudden change in how your water smells or tastes, it could be a sign of contaminants. Filtration can help clear them out.
The taste and smell of your tap water can vary depending on your location, since groundwater may have high levels of certain minerals that can alter the taste or odor. In some areas, high sulfur levels are fairly evident in well water. Certain types of filters can eliminate this test or odor before it reaches your faucets, which makes it much more pleasant to use.

4. Debris Is Visible in Your Water

Not all water runs clear. If there is visible debris or cloudiness when you turn on the faucets it is a good indication you need a filtration system. You'll want to identify what is causing the particulate before you filter it out. This will help you find the most efficient solution to your water quality problems.

5. Your Water Company Has Sent a Notice

When contaminants in public water supplies go over allowed levels, customers must be notified. If you have received this type of notification, you should consider installing a purification system that can remove whatever the identified problem is. If you have well water, it can be a good idea to have testing done on it at least once a year to make sure there are no harmful chemicals or bacteria seeping into the supply.

Home water treatment systems can filter out particulate, kill harmful microorganisms and remove potentially dangerous chemicals from your water. This way, you know you are giving your family the cleanest water possible.

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