3 Daily Devotional Books for Women that I Love

I love finding a daily devotional book that speaks to me as a wife, mother, and a Christian woman.  While there are a thousands and thousands of online devotionals--I am still one of those women who prefers to sit with a book in my hands--and maybe a Bible beside me--as I begin each day with the thoughts and inspiration within the day's devotional time.  Today, I am sharing three daily devotional books for women that I absolutely love--and have been reading and journaling through daily since January 1st.  What are my favorite Daily Devotionals for Women this year?  We are sharing this today as part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge: D is for Daily Devotions!

Fabulous & Focused:  365 Daily Devotions for Working Women
Michelle Medlock Adams and Gena Maselli 

I received complimentary copies of some of these books from the publisher for review consideration.  All opinions are my own. 
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About the Book

Addressing the issues that business women encounter every day, including communications, relationships, opportunities, integrity, professionalism, and achievement, this devotional is a helpful companion and an inspiring start to every day. Written with humor and insight, the authors share hard learned lessons and provide guidance for the many challenges and opportunities that women face in their career.

Why I Love Fabulous & Focused

Working women, and especially working mothers, face so many challenges during some very long days! This book offers the spiritual inspiration common to Christian devotionals--but, considers the real-world situations that real women face daily in the workplace.  Fabulous & Focused offers women real advice and real inspiration as it helps guide us through nearly every aspect of the workplace.

Real issues like work place gossip, speaking up in meetings, working toward promotions, etc. are all presented to us in short, easy to read and easy to appreciate passages with references to scripture for further study and a daily prayer on the topic.  This book is the perfect way to prepare for the day with a focus on time with God--or, as I use it, at the end of the day, to reflect on some of the daily challenges I've faced and refocus for tomorrow with a stronger perspective.

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Let the Earth Rejoice:  365 Devotions Celebrating God's Creation
A Collection from Worthy Inspired

About the Book

These 365 daily readings reveal the ever changing testament to the imagination and creativity of our God.  His mighty hand crafted the tallest mountain and the most delicate snowflake. More than thirty writers share their observations and reflections of God’s goodness in the beauty and wonder of nature. Let the Earth Rejoice equips readers each day to know that the same God who created the ocean and cares for the hummingbird, also created and cares for you.

Why I Love Let the Earth Rejoice

Beginning every day with a quick, spiritual reflection on the beauty and magnificence of something in our natural world makes me happy.   These devotionals are short, easy to read and flow well with the scripture and theme of the day's post.  From watching and contemplating a sunrise to considering the wonder of seashells or the strength of a bald eagle--I love the images and inspiration presented in each day's post.  Sometimes, I use these as journal prompts or take some time to look at the natural item that the devotion references--either in person or in my own old photographs or from online or book sources.  This book helps me begin my day from a point of wonder and peace. 

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Making God Smile
Kim Taylor Henry


About the Book

A devotional that changes your heart, mind, and actions through sharpening your focus on living out the fruit of the spirit every day.

More than just an inspiring daily message, this book leads you on a year-long journey of aligning your actions to your heart's intentions. Making God Smile overflows with encouragement, reminders, practical tips, personal and inspiring stories, scriptural insight, and biblical teaching that will show you how to reflect love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. By embracing this fruit, others will see Christ in you and your life will be more than you ever imagined possible.

 Why I Love Making God Smile

This devotional is inspirational--but, also motivational and has the potential to set a lot of personal growth and development in place as you read and work through the passages!  None of us are perfect--and the author illustrates her own daily challenges and struggles as she seeks to live her life in ways she feels would make God smile.    I LOVE beginning the day with this book because I, too, have a lot of self-work to accomplish as I seek to live the life and follow the path set before me.  This is one of those books that could certainly have a workbook written to accompany it!  Instead of a pre-written workbook, I ask myself questions as I reflect on the book's daily thoughts and develop my own activities and work for the day.  I have yet to read a day's entry that doesn't reflect a weakness or an improvement needed in my own life.   Making God Smile is perfect for those of us seeking to move more gracefully along our paths.

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These are my three favorite devotionals as I navigate the challenges and rewards of 2020! They have helped me stay inspired, faithful and encouraged through some ups and downs--and I look forward to continuing through all three throughout the rest of the year!

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