5 Ways to Use Your Seashells After Vacation

I love the nautical look of using seashells to decorate my bedroom, and they have helped me establish a relaxed and beach-y theme for my room. These craft and decor ideas are also fantastic for different areas of your home, such as your bathroom, and anywhere you'd like to beach-ify! After trips to the beach, or maybe if you are lucky enough to live in a beach area, we often return home with a box full of gorgeous shells, yet never put them into use. If this sounds familiar, go grab those seashells because here are some practical and unique ways to bring the beach to your home!

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1. Turn Seashells into a Classic Jar Display

This is a pretty way to show off your beautiful shells--especially the ones that may have gotten broken over the years. You can pick up fun and uniquely shaped jars for only a dollar at dollar stores, and you can top it off with some cork or maybe tie some ribbon you have at hand around the neck of the jar. I love how it looks on a shelf, and am hoping to collect more soon to display around other areas of my room.

2. Use a Large Seashell As a Jewelry Holder

Turning some of your favorite shells upside down and using them as jewelry holders for your rings or earrings is an excellent--and aesthetic-- way to put them into use. You can use multiple small shells, as I chose to use, or one large shell. I like to use multiple shells so that way I can sort my rings out. If you are as big of a fan of seafood as I am, you probably love to eat stuffed crab shells and mussels, try washing and collecting those shells to use for ideas like this, or maybe other decorations!

3. Border Your Mirror or Create a Frame

When I was redoing my room over the summer, a must-have for me was a full-body mirror. I was able to get one from Target for a fairly low price, but I wanted to add something around the border. I tried fairy lights and a few other ideas until I came up with my solution: seashells. With my trusty hot glue gun, I glued small seashells all the way around the border. I love how it looks in my room. A border of shells would also look good around whiteboards, bulletin boards, and framed pictures!

4. Hair Accessory

Add a beach-y feel to your favorite outfit with a seashell hair accessory! Take some smaller shells and hot glue them onto an old hair clip you don't like/don't use anymore to create a cool accessory. Perfect for themed parties and events and only takes a few minutes to make! I am absolutely in love with the look of the seashells in my hair and have made a set of clips to wear throughout the week. They also make adorable gifts!

5. Jewelry

Another great way to accessorize your seashells is by turning them into jewelry! I strung together some of my favorite mini conch shells with dental floss to create a beautiful necklace, then hot glued the ends together to secure the necklace. Get creative! Seashell bracelets, earrings, and anklets would look so cool as a set!

These ideas are great ways to put your fun, beach memories on display throughout for years after your trip!

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