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Most parents and caregivers stay pretty busy juggling the demands of home and work.  Whether you are suddenly thrown into the role of homeschooling parent--as so many of us were this year--or are simply seeking out resources to supplement your child's regular classwork--you are likely always on the lookout for online resources to help your child learn.  We recently learned about a collection of online math games available from wanted to share them with you.  What do we think of the free online math games for students from

Math For Kids Game from

Students May Play the Games without a Credit Card or an Account.   There are so many math games and math game sites out there offering so many options for families.  Many of those sites either charge fees to access the games or require that you set up accounts to use the websites.  Kids are able to play these games without sharing any personal information with the website.  There are no usernames and passwords necessary--and all of the games are free to play.  And users won't find any ads for little ones to accidentally click on while playing math games on the site!

The Free Math Games from Challenge and Entertain.  The site offers a variety of games and provides guests a "difficulty" rating for each game.  I am not going to play, some of the easy levels of the easier games are still fairly fast paced!  I loved that the scores were based on questions answered correctly against a timer.  This made even the "easy" fact games fun to practice in an attempt to beat previous scores.  This was especially true for some of the less than/greater than games and games with double digit math work!

The Games are Quick to Load, Easy to Understand and Fast-Paced.   While we found a few games without many or any instructions--the concepts of the games were easy enough to catch onto after a couple of tries.  All in all--the games loaded quickly, easy to follow and play and had short enough game levels that it kept everyone's attention span.  

The Free Math Games from Offer More Than Just Math Games.  Puzzles, logic problems and STEM like physics challenges are likely to keep students busy on the site for quite a while.  With activities ranging from preschool through middle school--and difficulty level ranges on many of the games--it is a great site for families seeking to keep multiple children practicing math and even playing against each other's scores on one site.  There are also word games and language puzzles available on the site as well. 

Would I Recommend the Free Math Games available on for Families?  Rapid recall of basic math facts is a key factor in building higher math skills.  It is so very difficult for students to advance through Algebra and Calculus while still adding up sums or being slow to multiply and divide.  The games on this site encourage students to build those rapid math skills--and there is a large varied assortment of games to play through.  Parents and teachers are always looking for new games to catch (and hold) the interest of students and encourage them to keep practicing.  For families seeking fun, free ways to get the kids practicing math skills--I thought this site was great.  Parents and older teens may even find themselves having fun with some of the logic games and puzzles.  If you are looking for a single site with free math games--and no logins and passwords--I would check out the games on  You can also venture away from the math games on the site to try out the various calculators and tools available on the parent website for parents too! 

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